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Capture One 20: New Tools & Features, Improved Workflow

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Phase One today introduces Capture One 20, a new version of its image editing software. According to the manufacturer, the feedback of the users played the most important role in the further development. The improvements include…
  • new and improved editing tools,
  • Workflow simplifications with a great effect and
  • support for more cameras

As with previous versions, Capture One 20 can be purchased both as a perpetual license or as subscription software. The unlimited full version costs 349 €, the subscription starts at 18 € per month. Upgrades from previous versions start at 169 €.

Capture One 20 for Sony and Capture One 20 Fujifilm, which only support the RAW files of the respective camera manufacturers, cost 149 € as full version, or 9 € as subscription.

» Capture One 20 in the Online Store

» Download trial version

New features in Capture One 20

The most important improvements compared to the previous version are...

  • a new basic color editor, with which colors can be easily selected and edited within the image.
  • a revised HDR tool, 
  • an easy-to-use tool for cropping images
  • Improved noise reduction

The improvements in detail:

New Basic Color Editor

The palette for color editing has been completely reworked, among others:

  • There are now eight instead of six color ranges that can be edited individually
  • The changes in this palette can now be applied to layers.
  • The functions can be applied directly in the image via "Click & Drag": Clicking marks a certain color, by dragging in different directions, e.g. hue, saturation and brightness are changed

Enhanced HDR tool

Two additional sliders for black and white allow even finer processing of the image contrast. For even more precise control, you can still use gradation curves.

Improved noise reduction

The noise reduction process has been revised to better preserve colors, details and patterns. The effect of the sliders is now more visible in the image.

Improved cropping of images

Image trimming is much easier with Capture One 20 and is oriented to other programs:

  • Grabs at the edges of the crop area.
  • Centred cropping with ALT key
  • Shift key preserves the aspect ratio
  • Free image rotation by Cmd/Ctrl key or by moving the cursor out of the crop area


Capture One 20 Workflow Improvement

The tool area on the left side of the screen is now divided into two areas, one of which is fixed at the top and the other freely scrollable. Palettes can be moved from one to the other area depending on your preferences in order to optimize the personal workflow.

Another detail that will be helpful when processing image batches: Capture One 20 can be configured to move to the next image after marking images.

It is now possible to apply processing layers from one image to others without replacing existing layers.

Finally new cameras are now supported, for example:

  • Leica V-LUX 5
  • Olympus E-M5 III
  • Canon EOS M6 II
  • Lumix S1H
  • Nikon Z50
  • Generic GoPro RAW support

Here is a full list with all Capture One 20 changes and improvements.

» Capture One 20 Online Store

» Download test version

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