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Astrophotography, Vía Lactea

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This picture was created with 6 photos at 20s, ISO4000, F/2.0 with the Fuji x-pro1 and Samyang 12mm. I used Photoshop for align the 6 photos. The converted it to smart objet and use the stack option called "median".  By doing the mean or median, you are separating the signal to the noise. If the relation between boh is bigger enogh, you can see more details in the nebulae in the astrophoto.


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How do you compensate for the movement of the Earth? 6 photos at 20 seconds gives 2 minutes, that is a lot of time


I am interested because I'd like to do some astrophotography, but the first results aren't very exciting

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That's the "used Photoshop for align the 6 photos" part. In astrophotography image processing is at least half the work. You can't do wonders if the original images are bad, but even if they're as good there's still tons of processing to do before you end up with a great picture of the milky way or other astronomical objects.


I posted this list in an earlier topic, but I guess it might be useful here as well:

Despite the topic, this isn't really X-T1 specific thread. Might be useful to move this to more appropriate area. Although I'm not sure which one that would be.


There's really no magical way to get rid of the noise. Increasing the exposure time and stacking exposures will help in getting rid most of it. Noise reduction algorithms will always remove some of the dimmer stars, but usually isn't really a problem since those faint stars wouldn't be visible in the final image anyway.


I doubt anyone here can give you better advice than what can be found from a number of different online tutorials, such as (these are in some kind of order, just don't ask me what it is):




http://www.astro-imaging.com/Tutorial/PixInsight/M33/en.html (processing tutorial)

https://www.reddit.com/r/astrophotography/comments/2acnqb/the_great_list_of_astrophotography_software/ (software list)







Few other useful links:



http://www.blue-marble.de/nightlights/2012 (and the rest of the blue marble site)

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