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Hello, new to Fuji (new x-e3 on the way).....and I'm shopping editing software. I have a large library of digitalized 35mm negatives currently stored in Picasa and Google photos, also misc files from various cameras and sources. I'm considering alternatives to lightroom. I like Luminar and it would likely be my first choice, but surprisingly there is no printing module in Luminar, which is important to me. Any input / advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance !  Late

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    • By Pathpix
      Hello Fufi X Forum users,
      After years of Canon dslr use I've made the switch to Mirrorless and Fuji (X-Pro 2) so like many others I have a sharpish learning curve to tackle.
      Here's a pretty basic enquiry that I hope someone can help me with to set me on my way :
      Can anyone tell me whether Fuji has its own proprietary software:  1) for Downloading images from camera to Mac (equivalent to EOS Utility)
      and 2) for initial processing of RAW files (equvalent to Digital Photo Professional).
      If not, any pointers / advice on this would be very welcome.
      Many Thanks
    • By Sharpe_Sam
      I get digital C-Type prints done fairly often and usually do all the pre-press from RAW and output 8bit tiff's for production.
      I'm going to get some done that I shot as in-camera JPEG's on an X-Pro 1 with default Velvia film simulation and they will be printed on Fuji substrate (Crystal Archive, matt or gloss) does anyone have any experience of simply converting to the correct profile for the paper and printer from in-camera film simulation JPEG's and if this resulted in good prints?
      I noticed on a couple of the files as soft proofs on screen that the greens look a bit over saturated but they may print less lurid in real life? Does anyone know if the film simulations have been made to reproduce accurately from digital files to prints on Fuji paper?
      Any help appreciated.
    • By kim
      Last year I got a call from a client asking me to replicate a large chunk of wood that they had hanging in a new office so they could hang it in print, life size, for different offices around the country. The Art was made up of reclaimed wooden railway sleepers from the area their new office building was built. The brief was to make it as hi-res as possible for print & it measured about 2 meters by 1.5 meters. I ended up stitching several shots and moving a few of the planks about in Photoshop later. The final file was just tipping the TIFF limit of 4Gb on output - that was a big hi-res print containing parts of about 20 images. Good days work that day.
      I know this is talked about a lot from time to time, 'how big can I print from a Fuji camera?' Well I don't know really, outside of the theory and working it out with a calculator, just how big you can print but it's probably very big. For most people I'd say they are asking how big can I print and still have it look good from a few feet away hanging on my wall? Probably quite big, no?
      OK so I'm not really taking things too seriously here just wanted to show a print I got today, single shot no 'pan-o-stitching' but printed it out at 20x30 inches and the detail in the print is great. I've plonked the camera and lens used to the it on the print for scale. I won't even bother mentioning the models as you'll all know no doubt. The print is a gift for a client.
      So 16Mpx can print 20x30 inches at great resolution no problem

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    • By jonathan7007
      I use two Fuji bodies now -- x100T, X-E2 -- and ordered an X-Pro2. I want to explore alternate RAW processors but inertia keeps me in Lightroom because post-processing so often needs to move quickly for clients. Nothing new in what I just wrote for almost all of us.
      But: Has anyone here received/read any prediction from CaptureOne (PhaseOne) about their plans for X-Pro2 RAW conversions? I have been holding off on a trial to see what this timing will be and include the new routines in my testing. The trial used to be 60 days, which is helpful. I did order a CaptureOne v9 book from RockyNook (interesting photo book title list, by the way) that will be finished soon, so I trust the content will be up to date. Book $$ worth the investment as I would be shelling out $300 for even the non-subscription code.
      Fuji's ship delay might be RAW related and if the news of conversion release slipped at the two or three companies in "alt-Fuji" orbit we have at least an indication of this connection. But I expect the companies are being tight-lipped about their plans as that's the best policy for them, anyway.
      Just curious. And really really really anxious to try my new X-Pro2.
    • By rjoins
      I'd like to suggest that with the release of the new Capture One Pro 9, perhaps Fujifilm could bundle the program in the way Sony has, instead of Silkypix.
      If you agree it would be a better alternative, maybe you could add an encouraging comment.
      Fujifilm is happy to improve the firmware, why not try to achieve a better image processing arrangement?
      The bundled Silkypix is pretty much ditched on opening by most people, being about as popular as scabies. The Adobe processing is still not the best.
      It'd be a real enhancement to Fuji's prestige to have such a comprehensive image editor that produces such superb results and users would gain better file handling, no longer having to pass files back and forwards between apps as they often do just now.
      Sony has done it. Surely Fuji can make it viable also.
      What do you think?
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