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X-Pro 3 Shutter dial lock

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More of an observation but it foxed me! (Yes I admit did not read the manual).

On my X-T3, the shutter dial locks to my mind logically. If I lock the dial, whatever speed including A, is set and cannot be changed until I unlock the dial.

On the X-Pro 3 this is not the case. If I lock the dial in anything but A position, the lock does nothing. If I set shutter dial at position A and press the lock button,

then I need to press and hold the lock button to make a change from the A position.

When one is used to X-T3 and in fact GFX-50R way this is a bit confusing until one is used to it.

Otherwise the camera is a real treat to use.

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This is the same locking mechanism carried over from the X-Pro1 and X-Pro2 so existing X-Pro owners won’t be so confused by it (in fact the XT1 worked this way too).  The lock is *only* used to lock the dial in A position, engages automatically when the dial is set to A, and must then be pressed to release before setting any other speed.  

I agree the later XT style lock is probably more useful, but I wonder whether it was just too complicated to try and implement that as well as the combined ISO dial the X-Pro uses.

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Also see this thread "X Pro 3 Blackout when in single frame mode??" and 'Threaded's' excellent short answer to your other issue and my reply. It seems turning Clarity on with a value involves more processing and then the Storing message.


These forums are so useful!

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X-Pro 3 delivered an hour ago and after 15 minutes of getting acquainted with buttons an dials I figured the lock must be broken on this shutter dial. Glad I found this thread....another X-T3 user who was scratching his head. Guess I still am a bit since it seems an odd choice, although I do note comments that it's consistent with previous X-Pro models.

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