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X Pro 3 Blackout when in single frame mode??

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I just got my copy of the X pro 3 and I love almost everything. The quality of image is not a big difference, but the ability to tweak things like clarity and to have HDR, just for those times I just want an SOC image is nice. Love the screen. I don't chimp much, but it really focusses your attention on getting your composition and lighting right. Reminds me of film shooting. 

One question/issue

On my Xpro 2, and XT3, in single frame mode, there is no blackout. On the X pro 3, there is a substantial 1-2 second blackout in single frame (comparing to other cameras) when you snap the shutter which says "storing".  Really annoying. I have tried various setting and all the same result. Set it to continuous, if I'm careful when I click the shutter for a single shot, there is no blackout. 

Anyone have any suggestions? Bad copy? new bug?

Other than that one thing, I really like the new model. 

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The answer is in your question, this is the effect the clarity setting has as extra processing is required when that’s enabled.  Have seen many reports on this on forums by confused early adopters so it’s obviously not communicated very well in the manual.  Unfortunately clarity comes at a price!

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Threaded, thank you! So that was it, I changed some settings before going away this last couple days. Clarity + 1 being one of them. So thank you, I just turned it back to 0 and took an image, gone is the message. 

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