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Embedded Image Preview or Added Contrast in ACR

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Hi All, 

I'm opening my .RAF files in ACR and Photoshop (also tested Lightroom) and it seems that there's contrast and desaturation being added somewhere. Once it is, I can't seem to get rid of it. 

There are two files attached;

1. The RAF Raw image preview (which I want my file to look like / start from in editing)

2. The Image Preview once I open it in ACR or Photoshop — You can see there's added contrast to the image. 

Any thoughts or ideas on why this is happening and how to stop ACR / Bridge or PS adding unwanted contrast.

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Compared to the JPEG?  If so, that's normal. I get that across my X series and G series Fuji's, and past Nikons.  That's normal.

Remember the JPEG is an oven baked cookie.   If you want to see the RAW file, with the same settings as a JPEG you can do so in either LR, or Capture One by using the same profile in LR or C1 that you shot in.  Say, Provia, Astia, etc. etc.  I'm not sure if I answered your question fully as I am not sure what you are comparing the raw file out of camera to.

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