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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm looking to purchase a flash for my son artwork photography on a budget. The idea is to take pictures at home (any ideas welcome too) of all his draws and then print them in a book. Any recommendations or suggestions for a good quality yet affordable option? I have an XT-4 with 16mm, 27mm, 18-55mm and 55-200mm. Thank you in advance!
  2. When I select the Pre-Af ON Focus pont is not adjusted continuously in the screen. I am using the lens Fujifilm xf 16-55mm and my setting is F-S
  3. Hi everyone. I am new to Fuji cameras. I love the camera so far but I noticed some weird behavior. On my 16-55 f/2.8, at any zoom range the focus by wire seems to be working properly. In manual focus mode the AF-ON works to autofocus and a touch of the focus ring the focus point moves as expected. On my 23mm f/2 however, I cannot get the lens to manual focus. I have changed every setting I can access, updated firmware, and still nothing. The focus ring is non-functional. Anyone else have this problem? If so have you found a solution? Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. I'm new to the world of Fujifilm and am sure I've got something set wrong. I spent most of the day trying to get pictures of my dog running towards me and I'd say maybe 5 percent were in focus. I tried different af modes, different shutter types, speeds, ISOs, aperture, AFC settings. Nothing seemed to make much difference. I've tried in forests and on a sunny bright deck. Almost always out of focus. (Or soft focus) is there something I'm missing? Are there settings that work best for moving animals? I'm on an xt4 with the 16-80 kit.
  5. I was imagining if ,fujifilm itself or any third parties ,make a auto focusing speedbooster to use fujifilm gfx lenses on fujifilm x series camera's !! . i might sound stupid , but actually it has great benefits in many area's . people who own x series and gfx series ,don't have to buy different lenses . also the camera industry is slowly shifting to medium format from full frame , so we will start seeing speedbooster for gfx lenses to different fullframe mount's of other manufacturer cameras too . so what do you think about this ? ,let's us all share our opinion's here ! about this , so maybe this might lead to a speedbooster ,like we said ! ,from fujifilm or third parties !! ,since many are using gfx camera's these day's ,who also has a x series body with them . so share your opinion's about this here , have a nice day !
  6. I’ve been blown away by fujifilm’s color science. Because of that, I’m ready to take the leap from Sony. But I have one hesitation - I shoot a bit of surf photography from the water and the retro dials (although beautiful and practical on land) seem to present some potential challenges in water housings since most housings I’ve seen don’t allow photographers use of the exposure dial. This could be remedied by setting exposure comp. to the rear dial, but without an XT4 to try this on, I have no clue if it’s even possible. Any one familiar with those settings and that possibility? My photography will greatly appreciate the info!
  7. Here is my first possibly only Fujifilm experience: Here is what I found wrong with the one I got. I hope it was just a bad model. 1) In my RAW file, there was a 1/4 inch black bar going down the side. Taking away form the complete photo. I was using Sandisk. 2) The video was too shaken. It was horrible. I was just sitting on the couch testing it. 3) The EV dial failed to work. I think they all did. What are they there for if you can not use them? Yes I unlocked them. 4) OMG the noise in the images... Horrible... I was horrified at how bad the camera was. I really had high hopes, only to be scattered into the winds... It was the first and very horrible experience I had with Fujifilm. I may, may not give it another chance. But it will be a few years minimal. Hopefully they fix it by then. I'm glad I got my money back. Glad I was able to get my Nikon back as well. I traded everything Nikon I had to get the XT4. It was a lot. And yes, I did in camera format the SDXC cards. I want the CEOs, bosses, ECT... of Fujifilm IN JAPAN to see and read this. They made a horrible product. At least in my case. I never thought this could happen. Shameful...
  8. For those who have the XT4, and don't shoot video, I'm wondering what you think about the new video-centric features like the stills/movie dial and the flip screen. I'm using an XT2 for studio (food/product) photography plus general use. I'm still not sure how I feel about the flip screen. I can see it being an advantage for tripod shooting but otherwise I see it as getting in the way of anything else. The new stills/movie dial is incredibly bothersome to me. They took away a feature I used all the time and replaced it with something I will never use. Also, I have to wonder why they decided to put all this video stuff in the XT line instead of the XH line. They already had one camera geared towards stills and another towards hybrid shooters. Why not beef up the XH for video and improve on stills features (and possibly remove video features) for the XT? Here's the thing, I'm fine with skipping this generation and waiting for the XT5 but I feel like there's a gamble they'll move more towards video and alienate those who only shoot stills. If I'm thinking ahead, I'm a little concerned that I should start looking at other platforms in a couple years. This is going to prevent me from buying any new Fuji lenses if I think I might switch.
  9. Does anyone know with the current economy due to the pandemic if sales for cameras will go down? I find it a bit odd that fujifilm ended their sales on March, right in the middle of the crisis (Can they really afford to only offer premium prices)?
  10. Hi! I tried the panorama functionality of the XT4 last weekend and i was quite disappointed. 1. the only really important thing about panoramas is that every picture is shot with the same settings. as you can see in the attached file, this doesn't happen and you get a striped picture that is completely useless. 2. even if the camera would handle the exposure correctly, the file is reduced to a bare minimum ... like 8 MB... i know that this process is a lot for the processor in the camera but the result is absolutely disappointing. What i actually don't get, is why the panorama functionality gets a quick access if it's not worth to be implemented corrently.
  11. Hi all, I use my XT4 when I go to the mountains and clip it to my backpack in the upright position (lens looking down). For several months now it no longer turns off automatically after the 30 seconds set in the menu if I walk, if I stop and wait then it goes into standby. It is as if the camera detects movement and stays on. Do you know what I need to set to remove this problem? If I keep shooting and walking, the battery runs out quickly. Thanks
  12. Hello, I have been using my x-t4 for about a year, and suddenly every time I am recording I get a "write error" after 5-20 s, and when trying to view videos I get a "read error", the same thing happens using both SD card slots and trying different SD-cards, all U3 cards that have been working perfectly previously. Taking and viewing photos still works as usual. Anyone who has had a similar problem or have any ideas on how to fix it?
  13. Was shooting yesterday and today. Setting to FINE + RAW. While copying the pics to my iPad via card reader I saw that the later the pictures where taken first some RAWs where missing and then at some point all of the RAWs. Only jpegs where saved then. anyone here already had that issue? Thx a lot!
  14. Good morning everyone, I'm a Fuji lover since the day they came up with that old fashioned looking xpro - what a great story they have built to become a solid challenger to the Canon, Nikon & Sony of this world. I'm using my XT3 primarily for video creation and am looking at switching to the XT4, due to the stabilization and therefore capacity to film handheld in some situations. I'm also considering switching from the standard lens kit (18-55 f2.8-4) to the 16-55 f2.8, which however doesn't have built in stab. My question: (i) from what the IBIS can do on other cameras (XH1?), do you expect it can offset the lack of lens stab?, (ii) I've read somewhere that should you mount your fuji on a DJI Ronin stabilizer and connect it, you may lose the in camera stabilization - is this fake or real? thanks a lot for your help (from Paris, France !)
  15. I'm trying to shoot with flash using a Godox 2.4GHz pair & strobe lights I've successfully used before; however, my only options in my flash menu settings are Manual & OFF. The button on the transmitter works with the receiver, but trying to use flash with the X-T4 has been unsuccessful. Are there any other settings that need to be enabled so it recognizes TTL/my hot shoe mount?
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