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Found 8 results

  1. I'm using my X-S10 as a webcam using the latest version of XWebcam, on an M1 Macbook pro, recently updated to Sonoma 14.4.1. I've done the additional steps to enable external cameras here (system-override legacy-camera-plugins-without-sw-camera-indication=off) and have downloaded the latest version of XWebcam with the additional extension to enable my mac to connect to the XS-10 which it does successfully now, albeit inconsistently and with crashes. I've noticed that the 'com.fujifilm.xwebcam.CameraExtension' will sometimes hang and cause the camera to not be found and will need to be rebooted in order for my applications to find my camera again. Additionally, after successfully using xwebcam for a teams call, the memory footprint of the com.fujifilm.xwebcam.CameraExtension process blows up to 9GB which seems absurd. Looking for any guidance or updates to the camera extension for making this actually work in a usable way.
  2. Hello, I have an X-S10 camera and several lens, some with OIS such as the XF 150-600mm. Regardless of the lens, when I choose IS Mode “Shooting only”, I never get a stabilized image in viewfinder, even if keep the shutter button half-pressed (but resulting photos do seem correctly stabilized). If I choose IS Mode “Continuous”, I do get a stabilized image in the viewfinder. This behavior does not match what is explained in the fujifilm manuals or online guides such as https://fujifilm-x.com/en-gb/learning-centre/image-stabilization-explained “On the CONTINUOUS option, the OIS system is always active when the camera is on, whereas SHOOTING ONLY switches the system on when the shutter release is pressed halfway to focus. To maximise battery life, choose SHOOTING ONLY. This function also works for IBIS.” Can anyone confirm me if this is an issue? Thanks Rafael
  3. Hello:) So I'm doing a little bit of photography for quite some time now, my first camera was a Canon powershot A495 compact, I later swiched to an Olympus E-PL1 with its kit lens, then started using my Samsung S7 then S10 and recently I got myself a fuji X-S10 also with the kit lens (the XF 18-55 f/2.8-4) https://sivael.gensys.pl/ The first 10 images (~two top rows) are from fuji. I want to do more portaits, shoot and film weddings/events as well as do some macro stuff(with a 16mm ring I think?) I'm thinking about a second lens and my main contenders are 35mm f/2 - for shallower DOF when shooting portaits, great video quality (kit lens at 35mm is f/3.6) 23mm f/2 - is this better or worse for portaits? (kit lens is f/3.2) 50mm f/1 - portaits should be very interesting with this one, but would they not be *too* shallow for good results? (kit lens is at f/4) 90mm f/2 - a long lens but some said it's very good for portaits. It would also give me more range for shooting nature. Maybe one of the zoom lenses? I find that having the ability to zoom gives more flexibility to catch that event and frame it just a little bit wider than needed to cut to size later. I also don't want too many large lenses so the kit + something small + a zoom telephoto seems attractive to me but I don't have much experience there so I don't really know. I'm looking for practical advice on which lenses to look at for portaits and event shooting in both picture and video format.
  4. Hey guys, I got 2 issues I'm not sure where to find answers to, so if anyone can help me out here, would be much appreciated 1. I was in a hurry the other day while I was out and shooting, and noticed a speck of dust on the touchscreen preview - took the lens off, saw the speck on the sensor, and the only idea how to clean it was to take my alcohol free zeiss camera wipes and roll them on a qtip and swab the sensor left and right a bit. It cleaned the sensor, but it was moving while I was doing it. Today I found few YouTube videos that recommend cleaning with camera on and ibis off - but I didn't know that at the time. I've done it with camera off, and ibis was moving a bit. Could I've done some damage to the IBIS? It works as usual when I use the camera, but now I got extra worried and maybe exaggerating - when I'm in my office, in silence - when I turn the camera on I hear a little thump. Is this normal? Do you hear your X-S10 doing similar sound when you power it on? And the second "issue 2. When I halfway press to focus, I get a very short flash on the touchscreen, I've recorded it with a phone you can see it on the video - it's not top quality video (for size sake) but you'll see what happens, so you can let me know if this is normal or not. Regular XF 18-55 lens, and it happens with OIS on or off. https://i.imgur.com/TJVqBak.mp4 Thanks!
  5. I mounted 100-400mm lens on X-S10 and find it not mounted tight enough, its wiggle a little. I also mounted it on X-T20 and get the same issue. Does anyone know if 100-400mm not fit on X-S10 and X-T20?
  6. I just got a new X-S10 and after about 4 days of use it started making an audible whirring sound when on. It's loud enough to hear at an arms length and makes too much sound for use with a hotshoe mounted mic. I've tried turning off the IBIS and autofocus and nothing seems to stop it. I am using the 16-80 predominantly but it also makes the sound with an old manual lens. The sound stops when in playback mode. I tried updating the firmware to the most recent which has not solved the issue. Does anyone have any ideas or should I just exchange it? Thanks,
  7. Is there any option to set the ISO on the front dial, or at least to change it to shutter speed? With the 16-80 lens, I don't need any dial to set the F number anymore, but at the moment the front dial has no value at all, does not change anything in any mode (I use). Thanks guys.
  8. Hello there. I have two months my new X-S10 and i need more power when i shoot outdoors. The X-S10 has the NP-W126S battery. Is the Fujicell NP-W126 recommended for X-S10? I'm confused with the "S" that follows the ..126. And one more question. I charge my X-S10's battery on camera with it's USB cable on the wall, like i charge my smartphone. Is it OK to do that or do you recommend to buy a battery charger? Do you believe it is not safe to charge the battery on camera?
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