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Found 10 results

  1. As it seems that X-T2 is finally making breakthrough for sports photographers out there, I think it's time to make an open thread for sports shots also. So we don't need to make new topic any time someone shoots sports with Fuji I start with some shots from this week. Estonia vs Gibraltar @A. le Coq Arena, Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr X-T2 + 50-140/2,8 BC Tartu Ülikool vs Bakken Bears @Tartu Ülikooli Spordihoone, Tartu, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr X-T2 + 18/2 Estonia vs Latvia @2017 Men's European Volleyball Championship qualification, Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr X-T2 + 90/2 Estonia vs Latvia @2017 Men's European Volleyball Championship qualification, Tallinn, Estonia by Hendrik Osula, on Flickr X-T2 + 90/2
  2. mholtsberg


    From the album: my stuff

    photo finish to the ball. My Granddaughter got the ball!

    © ©Marc Holtsberg

  3. From the album: my stuff

    kids soccer game
  4. From the album: my stuff

    © ©Marc Holtsberg

  5. Hockey is one of the hardest sports to photograph. Fast, erattic, crappy lighting, Refs and players getting in the way and if you're a common schmoe like me and not shooting in a pro rink, you are shooting through Plexi-glas. Plexi not only adds an extra stop of light but if you aren't shooting perpendicular through the glass, you will get a haze or cloud on your image that you can't remove in post. Oh and did I mention that most often plexi has puck marks and scuffs galore? Yes, as a common guy shooting at a common rink, this is tough. So while it's sharper to shoot through a hole in the glass, just how does the X-T2 handle. Can you use it. Well, you are going to have to do some post regardless to adjust the WB and possibly to bump up the exposure. I find anything over 5000 starts to incur too much noise. Back Button focus doesn't work too well in fact almost all the images were off, however, by giving up control (gulp!) and switching to AF-C and allowing the AF to work when you press the shutter (AF-on still works in Manual mode) the images turned out much better. I also discovered that JPG is much better than RAW for this. RAW had too much noise whereas JPG has a built in processor which makes the noise not as noticeable. A trade off is the images look a bit soft. The biggest thing I found which was a surprise was how fast the buffer filled up. A quick burst and then it was full. What this means is that it's not a spray and pray tool which isn't a bad thing. Although do-able, I will stick with my Nikon D500. Fuji isn't there yet. Pretty darn close but not as good as the DSLR. If the X-T2 is all you have, then you can still use it for hockey. Or talk nice to the rink rat in the hopes that he will let you cut a hole in his plexi! Interesting story about image 141. The player celebrating had shot the puck and it hit the far post and then bounced ou tto his teammate who scored. The poor guy thought he had scored. Or...maybe he KNEW his teammate would so celebrated early!! The last picture was not shot through plexi. My settings were: AF-C AF-C setting of 5 for Eratic and suddenly accelerating/decelerating 1/1000s F 3.2 ISO 5000/6400 AF Mode -Single point The age group is Novice which is 7-8. Not fast but I also tried it on some older kids with the same result. You may notice that some images are different WB, that's because I didn't have a preset made up.
  6. Hi all. I recently purchased the xt-10 with the 18-55 mm lens. I would like to purchase a new lens for capturing my kid's activities. Mostly sports related. Can anyone suggest a lens best for "amateur" sports photography? I don't want anything too bulky or heavy. Thanks!
  7. I'm not sure if anyone is shooting high school (American) football with their Fuji cameras, but I have been for a few years. I shot my first game Friday evening with my new X-T2 and boost grip. Even though it was my first attempt with the camera, I had way more keepers than I ever had with my X-T1. I was using Zone AF (3x3) centered. I was very pleased with the very short shutter blackout, as this was my major issue with the X-T1. Being able to quickly jerk my camera around to a player and have the focus lock on was awesome as well. Here are a few samples of tracking a running player: https://burgsports.smugmug.com/Sports/Football/High-School-Photos/2016/Wheelersburg-vs-Portsmouth/i-pHhTc4M/A Now, if Fuji could just give us a 200 or 300mm 2.8
  8. Hi Everyone, I shoot food photography and travel with great success via my X-T1 (35mm 1.4, and 18-135mm WR). I have been invited to the Boston Seaport World Trade Center, an indoor convention space illuminated with energy efficient LED lighting. Most shots will have to be handheld since there will be little space for a tripod on the floor space. I find myself a little intimidated by the low lighting aspect present during the event action. I am desperately seeking advice on photo recipes and best practices for capturing some great images with my X-T1. Thanks!
  9. I will be in Boston at the end of the month for a visit and get a chance to go to see the Red Sox play. I'd like to get some pics as our seats aren't too bad, (sect B147) and am debating on renting the XF100-400 or if I should bring my Nikon D500 and rent a lens for that rig. Does anyone have any experience shooting an MLB game at night under the lights with the Fuji system? I'm using the X-T1. Cheers!
  10. OOC jags with only cropping done in LR
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