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Found 4 results

  1. I am a newbie and recently started using x-t1 a few months ago. Its the first camera i have owned thats not a cheap (<200) point and shoot. Need your suggestions in keeping costs down when it comes to filters - I have a fuji F/2 35mm WR prime lens that accepts 43mm filters. I bought a polarizing filter so that i can capture blue skies (rather than a white out) while shooting outside in bright summer days.The problem is, 43 mm filters are hard to find. And probably won't they wont fit other fuji lenses that i will eventually buy. Next one i am looking for is the 27mm f/2. I don't want to have to buy a new filter for every lens i buy ! Someone mentioned that i should get a converter/ adapter which will allow me to buy 50mm filters (readily available) and use that on all my lenses. But a quick search on amazon didn't help me with that. Could you advise about the existence and cost/ quality benefit of such converters ? What are they called converter/ adapter ? What size filters would you recommend buying which can be used across most Fuji lenses ? thanks for the help,
  2. Question for anyone who owns a Fuji protector filter for their lens. I have the PRF-52 for my 35mm f1.4 lens and the PRF-62 for my 23mm f1.4. I noticed the light reflecting off the front of the filter glass is different between the two filters even though they should have the same coating. The light reflecting off the front of the PRF-52 is PURPLE while the light reflecting off the PRF-62 is BLUE. The attached photo illustrates this using an LED strip as the light source. (The filters are mounted to the lenses in the photo, so ignore the extra reflections from the lens elements.) Can owners of Fuji filters tell me if they see the same colors reflected off their filters? Both filters use Fuji's Super Electron Beam Coating (EBC), so I was expecting the same color in light reflection. I wonder if it's possible one filter is fake. However, all the packaging looks legitimate, and I have yet to notice any striking differences in optical performance. Thanks for any input from you folks. For those interested, here's a link to Fuji's product page for the filters: http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/accessories/lens/
  3. Hello Can anyone share experience with lee filters on x pro 1, 2 which version of the lee system do you own? Are there any OVF view restrictions? or do you use screw in filters only. I'm interested in Grad filters, ND, Polarizer
  4. Hi, I am not new to photography but am new to the Fuji X series. I purchased an X100T. It was working wonderfully but I now am experiencing an issue I can't solve. All of the photos have a magenta hue to them. I am certain I have set something wrong as I have experimented with different menu options but can't seem to solve the issue. Suggestions ?
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