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Found 15 results

  1. My situation is quite an interesting one. Hopefully somebody can shed some light for me! I shoot primarily portraiture, fashion , and fine art, and my main system for the last few years has been the Sony A7. It has served me well despite the limitations of the first-gen body, and the 11+7bit raw with banding issues in rare cases. I preordered the X-Pro 2 back in January with the intent of dedicating this camera for outdoor portrait/fashion work in natural light, where the lower noise of my full frame A7 is not relevant. The Sony A7 would remain my workhorse, especially with the ability to use vintage lenses without cropping. While I patiently awaited for the X-Pro 2 for the last two months, I have been spending some time with an XT-1 we have in our family to get a sense of the Fuji X system. Here are my thoughts: -The XT-1's EVF is amazing. I love its large size for easy composition. -The handling is great with the battery grip. -Overall sharpness and dynamic range is not as good as the Sony A7. -The film simulation modes are excellent. -Noise levels in low light cannot match my A7 (I did not expect it to, but I also did not expect such a large difference). Yet, I have taken some of my best images on the XT-1, and had several published as a result. The camera is just so intuitive to use. Last week, I picked up my X-Pro2 with a 35 f2 and a 23mm f1.4. I have not had a chance to use it for any portraiture or fashion work still. But, here are my thoughts with it: -I miss the large EVF from the XT-1. -I find myself using the EVF since accurate framing is most important for my style of photography. -The OVF is useless for anything other than the XF 35mm f/2 lens (due to viewfinder blockage). -The heavier weight of the X-Pro 2 is nice, but I miss having a battery grip for the added the shutter button and better ergonomics for portrait shooting. -The X-Pro 2 is a beautiful camera, and the added image quality compared to the XT-1 is very real. -My preferred (full frame) focal lengths have always been: 35mm, 50mm, and in rare occassions/studio portraits an 85mm, so the X-Pro 2 has no real limitations there. -Files from the X-Pro 2 with the XF 35mm f2 are sharper than my Sony A7 with the Zeiss 55mm, and colours are also richer. -X-Pro 2 has slightly more noise than my A7, but is easily removeable in Lightroom. -Handling and stability is better on the XT-1, but to be honest, the X-Pro 2 is becoming easier to use after spending more time with it. -Focus point selection with the joystick is nice. It helps me miss less shots where eye-focus is critical. What about other hidden benefits, such as being able to engage my subjects (people) better with my left eye open, or the emotional appeal of this camera? I am not sure yet, but I shoot all my cameras using my right eye, but I do love using this camera. Perhaps I still need to test the camera out more in real world shoots. So, to summarize (so far) -The large EVF of the XT-1 is excellent for composing. I wish the X-Pro 2 had such a large EVF, as I do not see myself using the OVF on the X-Pro 2 much. Even the X100 has a larger and brighter viewfinder! -The X-Pro 2 inspires me more to take photos, but has more limitations than the XT-1, since it has no shutter button/no battery grip, no tilting screen, etc. -Images from the X-Pro 2 look fantastic, and has even better colour and sharpness compared to my Sony A7. -The X-Pro 2 is not impossible to use, but the XT-1 is easier to use (but inspires me less). It is no secret that the XT-2 will have all the improvements of the X-Pro 2 (and more perhaps), but that is a different camera than the X-Pro 2, and becomes a Fuji version of my Sony A7. Other thoughts: -My ideal camera would probably be an X100 with the 24MP X-Trans III of the X-Pro 2. I actually enjoy the large and bright OVF in the X100. Also, the extra high flash sync allows me to use speedlites outdoors for fashion work instead of carrying studio lights with battery packs. Granted, I do not use artificial light much outdoors, and I have an old X100 already. I could even buy the teleconverter and have a 35mm and 50mm focal length to use. -The files from the X-Pro 2 are essentially good enough to replace my Sony A7. On the other hand, there are advantages of having the Sony (low light, choice of vintage lenses - I would have lots of fun with a low-light A7S2 for some projects). Plus, going Fuji-only feels like riding a unicycle without any training! Should I keep the X-Pro 2 and decide what to do with it when the XT-2 comes out? Learn to deal with its limitations and just focus on the photos? (since I already have a workhorse full frame A7). Sell the X-Pro 2 and use the XT-1 until the XT-2 is out? Or, something else?
  2. XT2: when does noise become unacceptable? 10 sec? 20 sec? 30 sec?
  3. A recent trip to Old Quebec City. When using adapted lenses, I usually shoot with either Velvia or Acros + R film simulation. Most of these shared are with my old Canon 24/2.8 or Minolta 58/1.4 Details here -> http://adamwoodhouse.info/old-quebec-city-fuji-xt2-with-canon-242-8-scc-and-minolta-rokkor-581-4/
  4. Question for all the stage and theater shooters out there. I've been using my XT2 and 18-55 to shot my theater work and am thinking about getting the 16-55. Will it be worth it? Seeing that the 16-55 will not have OIS and the 18-55 does. My typical stage shots are set to 1/60s-1/120s at iso1600 or 800 if I am lucky with the lights, and the 18-55 usually wide opened. Am I going to get any sharpness advantage with the 16-55? Yes, I can get the new XH1 but the size and price of that camera do not agree with me. Also, I do not shoot video at all so even less of an incentive for me to get the camera. Any input from professional shooters out there who does stage work with Fuji is greatly appreciated. Thank you! Attached is a typical stage shot that I do.
  5. I shot the live show with Old Dominion and Kira Isabella on Friday night, these are with the X-T2 + XF50-140, quite impressed myself after switching from Canon 5D3 + L-Glass. "Said Nobody Ever" by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Old Dominion by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Kira Isabella by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Kira Isabella by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Old Dominion by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Kira Isabella by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Old Dominion by Matthew Perry, on Flickr
  6. I shot the live show with Old Dominion and Kira Isabella on Friday night, these are with the X-T2 + XF50-140, quite impressed myself after switching from Canon 5D3 + L-Glass. "Said Nobody Ever" by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Old Dominion by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Kira Isabella by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Kira Isabella by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Old Dominion by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Kira Isabella by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Old Dominion by Matthew Perry, on Flickr
  7. Toronto, Ontario Fuji X-T2 + XF10-24 Night Lights by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Night Trains by Matthew Perry, on Flickr Toronto Financial District by Matthew Perry, on Flickr
  8. Namaste Fuji people. I recently tried an XPro-2 and loved it so much I bought one, sold all my Nikon equipment and bought an XT-2 and some lenses. I'm traveling India for six weeks with a backpack and small camera bag. I brought both bodies, five batteries, a bunch of cards, four lenses: 16mm f/1.4, 23mm f/2, 35mm f/1.4 and the 56mm f/1.2, a travel tripod, a MacBook Pro and two hard drives. I'm really happy with everything and how all the gear is performing. If anyone has any questions about how the gear is working out, please feel free to ask. I started a website for my trip, the Fuji images are under my blog and in the India image gallery. I'm only a couple of weeks in, but I've figured out my workflows and what setups I like. Thanks for letting me share. Cheers, Kevin kevinlapresle.com
  9. Hi there, I am shooting a conference this weekend and could use some advice regarding best settings for the X-T2, specifically regarding settings for auto focus. The conference will be badly lit (of course!) and no flash is allowed so am going to be shooting wide open mainly using f1.2 or f1.4. In single shot, single point focus this wouldn't be too much of a problem but in burst mode I tend to find the first image is perfectly focused and the next ones in the series are slightly off due to movement from the speaker (and I would like to make use of the 11 frames per second). My feeling would be to set the camera to continuous, and have a relatively small square area of coverage, but am not sure what the best settings would be to use in the new auto focus settings setup menu? Any advice would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Jason.
  10. Did anyone else notice with the new promotional GFX 50S videos that Fuji recently put out, the images on the computer were all inside Capture One? I've also read GFX 50S will have tethering capabilities which leads to me to believe there maybe some hope for the XT2! Fuji does a great job listening to the community so every chance I get the chance to stress the importance of tethering capabilities, I do. I'm hoping for a firmware update in the near future. As a studio photographer I'm DYING for Fuji to quickly add this function. Let's keep our fingers crossed!!!
  11. From the album: Fuji X-T2


    © JohnRourke/AdrenalMedia.com

  12. Here are a few from a recent trip to Banff - it was minus 30 celcius and the XT2 held up nicely covered in snow and ice! "Home Sweet Home" by tom.ohle, on Flickr Cave and Basin - Banff by tom.ohle, on Flickr I'll add more to the thread when I get a moment. All told with each personal assignment that I do with the XT2 the more comfortable I am leaving my Canon sit at home.
  13. From the album: Some of my work

    © by Kazi Faisal

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