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  1. Hi, I spent a few days in Catania, Sicily this summer with the X100T. Beautiful city, beautiful camera and it was my first time using it in bright sunlight- here in Scotland we don't get much. I wrote a 3 part blog featuring images of the trip at www.foto.scot/blog - If anyone wants to have a look there, some comments at the end of the blog post would be appreciated- I'm not sure how to get people engaged on my actual blog as they tend to comment on my Facebook page, twitter etc instead. Any ideas on that would be good too if anyone knows/has any? Anyways, this forum is great and hopefully I'll be a regular poster here. It's always good to talk to folk with similar interests! Thanks (ps. I was going to add a couple more images below but I'm on the Isle of Skye and the internet has just gone into snailspace speed!)
  2. Went to Cleveland for a day and had the opportunity to shoot for about 4-5 hours. Been a while since I've used the X100T so felt good to shoot with it again.
  3. For those who just want to view the images and not the process then check this link.
  4. I bought a gently used X100T a few months ago, and I began to notice that the center of the image was deadly sharp, but the left and right sides of the image were quite soft. The left was worse than the right. This was easily still seen at ƒ5.6, which is 3 stops down from maximum aperture. In my opinion, the lens should be performing well at that ƒ stop. The fellow that I bought the camera from gave me the original purchase receipt, and the camera was still under warranty. I called Fuji, and to their credit, they said they would still honor the warranty. I sent it in with some test prints and example images on a disk. I received the camera back, and the repair department wrote that they had replaced the lens. When I test any lens for sharpness, I have a routine where I carefully put the camera on a tripod, level it out, and shoot outdoors at a local university campus with very detailed masonry and brickwork architecture. I haven't had a chance yet - due to unbelievable rains in our area - to do a complete test on the repaired camera, but I had a chance to at least shoot the side of a very weathered barn. The lens is much sharper than before repairs, but the left side is still a bit soft at 5.6 and really doesn't clean up until ƒ11. If I can get a decent day I'll try and post an example image from my test routine. Just wondering if X100 owners have seen good overall sharpness in their cameras and whether my camera might have a another problem. I'm wondering if a digital sensor could have shifted so that it is not perpendicular to the lens axis, or something like that.
  5. Is there any likely hood that a dedicated Fuji liaison may read this as I have been wondering if there will be a firmware update to control ISO from the command dial? I would picture the update to have an added feature "C" = command dial just under the AutoISO listings which will enable one to adjust ISO from the command dial and not go into the menu function. Additionally, having the command dial able to adjust exposure compensation would be nice as well as this can be done on XPRO2 and XT2 (turned to see on exposure compensation dial - all though lacking on X100T). Does anyone feel similar about customization of the command dial?
  6. The X100T has been around for quite some time now. Despite being a decent camera, it is starting to its age. The 16mp sensor is one good generation behind the current 24mp chip, the EVF is not exactly class leading... Nonetheless after seeing what the X-Pro 2 can do, one must wonder how much an update to the X100 range can achieve. Having waited for so long, I think it's high time for Fujifilm to release the successor to the throne of the most beloved compact camera in order to satisfy our gear lust. I would like to take advantage of this forum to have a petition for the long-awaited X100T successor to be released ASAP e.g. by Photokina; and I seriously think Fuji should listen not only to the x shooters but also their general customers.
  7. Looking to set up a Ring flash for my X100T and my Tele adapter. Has anyone know of a setup or a DIY setup.
  8. Hi fellow Fuji users. Have any of you been to Thailand? I'm going late October and trying to decide on what camera and lenses to take. I have an X-pro2 and X100T, my lens choice is 18mm f2 23mm f2 27mm pancake f2.8 35mm f2 35mm f1.4 56mm f1.2 18-55 zoom WLC for X100 I also love using old nice glass takumar 55 f1.7 Ziess 135mm f3.5 Nikkor 105mm f2.5 Having never been to Thailand before I dont know the light and a bit concerned about too much light for wide apature's. Part of me says take the X100T with a polarising filter and be done with it. Less to worry about, get stolen/lost. The wildlife looks great though so a longer reach would be good Please help. Many thanks Jim
  9. Some black and whites with the X100T; Grote Kerk (Grand Church) in Edam
  10. Recently purchased an X100T. When ever I hit the playback button, the captured images are not displaying, immaterial of the image is saved in internal memory or SD card. Any solutions?
  11. Newbie query: Can I use the USB lead (for connecting to computer) to charge up X100T's battery from a portable power pack, say, if I'm out and about and need to top up the battery while having lunch ... I have a power pack with a '5V' output and 2 USB points with either '1A' or '2.4A' MAX (output?). I anticipate recharging to be slower than via a charger but don't mind that so long as it doesn't blow the mind of the X100T. (FYI: the power pack happily charges up an iPad Air.)
  12. johant

    Utrecht in spring

    Some different views from our interesting city (all made with the X100T) and the classic tourism shot
  13. Some pictures from a brief visit to Copenhagen. Regular work in the daytime, but I had the evening to make pictures. All with the X100T. Here are the remaining pictures: http://www.ipernity.com/doc/jthole/album/970402
  14. I have just bought my 4th Fuji X camera the X100F 1 week ago, on testing it for picture sharpness I have discovered that the left quarter of the frame when the single AF point is in the centre, is out of focus, if I move the focus point over to that side the centre of the frame is out of focus, also the lens barrel seems to hunt in and out more than my previous X100T. Lastly when setting aperture to f2.0 in bright sunshine the shutter speed will not go over 1000sec and pic is bleached out, at f2.8 shutter goes up to 2/3000 and is exposed ok. So it is going back. Very disappointing Also the Q button is right where my thumb goes, so often pressed in error. Any similar faults out there S.W.
  15. From the album: People with X100T

    X100T with TLC-X100. F/2.2 1/640 ISO200 Jinbei FL-II500 Flash with 90cm Octabox
  16. From the album: X100T

    Self preservation II

    © ©Rupert Warren

  17. From the album: X100T

    Self preservation I

    © ©Rupert Warren

  18. Rue


    From the album: X100T

    Walnut Catkins

    © Rupert Warren 2015

  19. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  20. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  21. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  22. From the album: My favourite shots

    Giant's Causeway (Northern Ireland 2015) - X100T

    © Daniel Kluge

  23. From the album: Elements

    This was shot on a X100T and was made from a mutishot panorama. Hope you like it!
  24. Hey everyone I had ordered my first X100T from B&H about 2 weeks ago and I loved everything about it. However i started to notice a slight issue with the LCD, As I was messing around with my menu dials I started to see some jittering on the right side of the LCD panel. I then ever so slightly touched the right side of the panel and it would make the lcd jitter. It seems as if there is not enough space between the panel and the outer casing of the lcd. Anyways B&H sent a return label to do an exchange. Today I just got my replacement from B&H and it seems to still have the same screen jitter issue. The camera has a completely different Serial Number so was a complete exchange and not a repair job. Im starting to wonder if anyone else out there has this issue and hasn't even noticed it. Could it be fuji has sent out a bad batch? Let me know if your copies of the X100T have this. I hate to be without the camera for another 2 weeks. But I may as well keep trying to get a unit with out this issue to reduce problems later down the line. Ive attached a video link down below so you can see the issue. As you can see im ever so slightly touching the LCD screen and it jitters, it only does it on the right side of the panel and not the other sides. Thanks again to all those who comment and read my posts. you can check out the video here
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