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Found 17 results

  1. I am at a juncture that I believe many of you are, or have been, at. Every now and again I find myself 'lost in tech' and need to ground my self again to improve my photography and focus on the things that really matter, not f stops, focal lengths, micro-contrast but photography; painting with light. I currently have a handful of fuji lenses, need to sell some and probably need to buy some to achieve something I believe will be better...maybe not. As we all know, but don't always admit to, the most important piece of gear we own is the 12 inches behind the camera. My best photos ever taken were on equipment seriously lacking in 'currentless' So, to get to the crunch.... I want a selection of gear to capture my life events, in decent quality, to help others capture theirs through small photo shoots and to record beautiful places I have experienced. Could be the bar, the theatre, the wonders of the world or my garden.. it's all available. I'll ignore my collection of film camera's for the minute and focus on Fuji X-series, why were here... I have read reviews on all the lenses currently available and have decided on setting out my stage as buying the best I can afford without spending a fortune, I work in a normal job!! I started out with an X100 and used it alongside my Canon 20D, and then 5DII full frame with some nice glass. I have now sold all Canon gear (apart from 430EXII speedlight) and ended up with X-Pro2 and X100T. The X-pro2 is an amazing camera, my excuses diminish shooting with it. I can split the rest of this blurb into 2 sections - my advice and my outstanding queries Anything I say is purely user based. I dont really pixel peep, check for distortion levels and far corner sharpness when I dont look there..I want to see a nice looking capture of a nice thing, end. Some focal lengths are definitely more suitable to the success of what you set out to achieve, nothing more, nothing less. I personally, and it's personal, like to capture, street, scenic, people images with a smattering of wildlife thrown in, so have based my lens selections on it...apart from a couple of them that came my way. The widest I own is the 18mm, a fairly dis-respected lens, I love it, small discreet and nearly all my scenic stuff shot thought it. At f8 with a ND10 filter I have captured some beautiful images, well at least I like them.. I have the 27mm pancake bought as part of the X-pro1 promotion but have only used it for a handful of shots. I think its the lack of aperture ring on this FL that puts me off, a big reason for coming to Fuji was the lovely manual ring....more later on a lens I have bought today that hasn't!! It has a great deal of sharpness but the f2.8 on this FL doesn't give a lot of scope of creating a nice background blur. It is however a great lens for setting at f5.6 or f8, zone focussing and just clicking away. Its quite liberating not thinking about the camera The X100T following on from my X100 confirmed to me the usefulness of the more that useful FOV but I still went ahead and bought the 23mm f2 even though I already had it!! I convinced myself that I could leave my X100 at home and still have the FL when it suited me?? Kinda works as it does give me a smaller 'foot print' The 23 f2 on the X-pro2 is sharper and better contrast than the X100T at f2 but comes with baggage, the X100T is where it's at. Difficult to explain but feels so good. I have an olympus 35SP and a Rollie 35S that yields similar feelings. On the 35mm front I own the f1.4 and the f2, the 1.4 came first on a instinctual ebay purchase one boozy night, I do like it but wanted the f2 so WEX helped me out. The form factor of the f2 is nice on the x-pro and the images are sharp and colourful, strangely almost too much. The 1.4 seems more 'natural', there is a very high chance I will sell the f2 as the subject matter I shoot doesn't demand the faster focus etc I bought the 18-55 second hand, still have it but cant get excited. It allows flexibility and saves me moving my feet, but pics are only recording whats there, difficult to add artistic impression. I might use it for Thailand to record my holiday but will need some nice primes to capture it beautifully. Now onto the the longer focal lengths...this is where it gets difficult for me. I bought the 56mm f1.2 as I needed a fast, short tele for a wedding, what a lens!!! I love it. The rendition whether optically perfect or not, is amazing. Once you get used to the razor thin DOF and the huge aperture/shutter speed selection the images it gathers are outstanding, it's 1.2 so I want to use it at 1.2. It is bulky but coming from a DSLR/Medium format film background it's insignificant. I'll ask a question later on the 50mm f2 I bought the XC 50-230mm today after much research and the reluctance to spend such a lot of money on the 55-200mm for something I only occasionally use. I'm going to Thailand later this year and doing a bit of nature park stuff. Hopefully it will help me yield decent images of creepy crawly, furry, jumpy things. The most fun I have just now with longer FL's is the veritable Nikkor 105 f2.5 and the Zeiss 135mm f3.5. Both the lenses on the X-pro2 are amazing, they take some practice but with the focus peaking and EVF the results can be superb. If fact my favourite butterfly photo was through the Nikkor, the smooth rendition and colour reproduction is to be lusted over. Hopefully the 50-230 wont make me sell them.. Onto my request for help This week I went camping to a beautiful location, The Island of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. I was changing lenses way too often, lovely scenery with the 18 or 23 then the Zeiss 135 for the Golden Eagles. In the towns the pace was pretty slow so I managed to get some lovely shots of Tobermory harbour with the 23mm. I do wish I had the 50mm f2 at times though for detail capture around the town. I want to go prepared for Thailand with the right kit, I felt stressed on Mull getting the right gear together which did impact on my holiday, in Thailand i would like stress free so what do I take? The 18-55/50-230 plus a fast short sounds the best combo, what do you think? I have asked this forum on this before but without my experiences, please excuse me. If you want me to share some pictures captured with the above lenses let me know Please let me know your thoughts Cheers
  2. Hi all, I recently acquired a Zeiss ZM 18mm f/4 for use on my X-E2s via Fuji's own M-mount adaptor (which I chose so as to be able to dial in any necessary in-camera corrections). It turned out that only a very minor correction is required for distortion ("barrel weak"), while some more pronounced tweaking of the vignetting and corner colour shading controls is required to clean up those aspects of the lens' performance. Here's the corner shading and colour cast without correction... ..and then after dialling in the right amount of in-camera corrections: With that out of the way, I then set out to take some test shots. Here's a 100% original resolution file below. Shot at f/8 as JPEG with "Astia" film simulation and circular polarizer, focused at the f/4 hyperfocal markings (i.e., assuming a stringent 0.015mm CoC, rather than the standard 0.030mm). The white plumage in harsh midday light made this a good test bed for any chromatic aberration or purple fringing - gladly, there is none whatsoever of either. Post-processing was limited to some minor lifting of shadows and some added vibrance; no other corrections were applied, and no additional sharpening (in-camera sharpening was set to 0 = default). Marco
  3. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  4. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  5. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  6. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  7. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  8. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  9. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  10. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  11. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  12. From the album: Monochrome dreams

    © Johan Otterdahl Edfeldt

  13. Hello all, my apologies if this topic has been asked before. I have the X-E2s model and normally use my 18-55 zoom lens. I also have the 18 f/2 and 35 f/1.4 prime lenses. Whenever I use these lenses it seems that the auto focus goes haywire. The lens is constantly chattering back and forth as if it is trying to focus. It does not matter if the camera is in the "auto" mode or manual. Or if the focus setting is single or continuous. The only time it stops doing this is when I switch the camera to the manual focus mode. The camera operates normally with the zoom lens but this drives me crazy when trying to use the prime lenses! I have checked the firmware on the camera and lenses and everything is using the most current version. Any help would be appreciated. I rarely use either of the lenses now because of this problem. Thanks, Jim White
  14. Hey guys! I'm new to the forum. I had an X100s, x10, and now I have an X-T10. I originally bought a 35 1/4 with the camera and man, couldn't be happier with that lens. Lots of detail, tack sharp. Two days ago I got a 18mm. I'm not sure if I got a bad copy or something but the images are about as soft as warm jello, even stopped down to 5.6, the centers are just not sharp. JPEG's seem to look a little sharper than the RAW images which also seems odd to me and the aperture ring doesn't feel quite as solid as the one on my 35 1.4. I read review after review and every says the 18 is sharp at 2.8, or comparable to the 35. Do you all think it's a bad copy or just softer than I'm used to with the 35 or my x100s? Andrew
  15. I bought myself the 18mm f/1.4 everyone seems to love so much for shooting videos together with my XT30II. I can see why people love this lens for photography, the picture quality is stunning. However, I'm experiencing AF hunting of the worst kind and I've already tried a couple of settings other people recommend to get rid of it. But none of it seems to work for me. What am I shooting: I'm recording myself while playing electric guitar the audio is coming from somewhere else My setup is as follows: Fuji XT30II with the 18mm f/1.4 HDMI out to Elgato USB capture card going into OBS Studio for recording Here's a summary of my general video settings: 1080p@24fps with 200mbps file format MOV/H.264 LPCM SS at 1/48 manual Aperture on 1.4 open manual ISO manual (depending on the exposure) face detection on with eye auto Here's some settings I played around with according to multiple other users' recommendations: AF mode: I've tried both multi and area, but it's bad in both cases, area seems to be a tiny notch better. AF-C custom > tracking sensitivity: I tried 0, 2 and 4 AF-C custom > AF speed: I tried -5, 0 and +5 Of course I understand that those three settings are connected and I've tried many different combinations. But no success. I'd be more than happy to get any hint on what else to try. Thanks in advance.
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