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Found 17 results

  1. Hello there. I have two months my new X-S10 and i need more power when i shoot outdoors. The X-S10 has the NP-W126S battery. Is the Fujicell NP-W126 recommended for X-S10? I'm confused with the "S" that follows the ..126. And one more question. I charge my X-S10's battery on camera with it's USB cable on the wall, like i charge my smartphone. Is it OK to do that or do you recommend to buy a battery charger? Do you believe it is not safe to charge the battery on camera?
  2. In 2 weeks time and not in use, the battery in my XT3 is only 58% full. Camera stored with 18-55mm lens
  3. Hi everyone, I just bought recently a used Fuji X-T2 (2 years old) with very few shots (the camera is in like new condition), the camera is perfect for my kind of use (as a hobby) but I came across with a huge problem: when the battery is at 80% or less and using the mechanical shutter, after pressing the shutter button to take a photo the camera goes completely black on the LCD and EVF and freezes. I can't even turn off the camera and need to remove and replace the battery. It just crashes every single time I try shooting with mechanical shutter. Using the electronic shutter the camera works normally. Using the mechanical shutter, the camera works perfectly only when the battery is fully charged. Both firmwares (Body and Lens) are updated with the last version available. Please, if anyone could tell me something about this problem I would appreciate that!
  4. I found this as a direct replacement for the NP-W126S https://www.duracelldirect.co.uk/digital-camera/fujifilm/oem-pno/np-w126s.html Are there any others I can use. Duracell do do another battery https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duracell-DRFW126-Rechargeable-Lithium-Ion-Battery/dp/B01GJZLHJC/ But this is the none S version, that has reduced capacity, especially for video? As the genuine batteries are so expensive, i'm looking for recommendations for a cheaper alternative
  5. I just got a Fuji X-T20 2 days ago and I have some problems first of all my battery takes a full day to charge which is very odd secondly every time i record 4K it says “write error” however I did insert a old memory card on it with only 17mb writing speed, it works fine with 1080 recording but the problem only occurs when I record 4K. So I ordered a sanDisk extreme pro 32Gb with a 90mb writing speed and it will arrive in 3 days. so can the problem be due to the old memory card or should I just return the camera and get a refund?
  6. Hi everyone, I recently bought a X-T20 to use as a travel camera. I'm going overseas on a photography tour soon, so will be shooting all day, but I'm very concerned about battery life. I've set everything as suggested by Fujifilm to lengthen battery life but am still only getting <100 images from each charge. The only thing I didn't change was turning the IS off on the lens. I only shoot RAW. Any suggestions? From what I've read, there seems to be huge variations in the number of images people are getting.
  7. Hi there, I'm having a really weird issue with the battery on my X-T10. With a fully charged battery, after shooting a little (30-60 shots), the camera doesn't turn on. If I remove the battery and then I insert it again, the camera turns on again. When I check the battery level it reads fully charged. It keeps doing it. I tried several batteries, original Fuji and other brands with the same issue. Apparently, the same batteries work just fine on my wife's X-T2. Has anyone else had the same problem on the X-T10?
  8. Working wire service news with two Fuji XT-2's at the Wine Contry, California fires. Serious complaint of the system is the terrible battery life...as I started the day with 13 fresh batteries, and in six hours was down to three, despite efforts to save battery life. The camera is VERY questionable as a working PJ's tool...something journalists need to keep in mind before switching systems, especially if you routinely cover extended assignments and won't have power to charge batteries, even if you had the time or patience to do so. The 9 batteries I used only got me 977 shots...that is with no "review", no pre AF, image stabilization OFF, and switching the camera OFF between shots. Had I needed to remain photographing (even if I could find a power source) I was looking at six hours to get my stash of batteries back up and get me working again. As it was, using four battery chargers I wasn't ready to shoot again until the next day. If I had to do "the switch" over again I would have kept my Canon 5d3's and kept it around for those times when I need long battery life, and in fact I will be ordering a Canon 5D4 this week as I simply can't/won't depend on this camera system to have the endurance needed for long days shooting news. For everything else it's a gem, but as a working person's tool where battery life in the field I don't recommend you leave your DSLR. -Peter
  9. I'm wanting to use my new XT2 for meteor photography - taking a series of 20sec exposures over several hours at night. To ensure I don't have to keep replacing batteries throughout the night, I have bought an external power source which powers a dummy battery, replacing the original battery. My question relates to closure of the battery door. I have lifted the small plastic plug, with long nose pliers, which is attached to a rubber strip. The cable, leading from the dummy battery, fits through a round aperture in the plastic plug. The plug can then be pushed to one side, via the rubber strip, to allow the battery door to close. This looks to be the way it works but I can find nothing in the instructions, or on the internet, to confirm this. Can any one confirm I have it right. I don't want to damage the camera! Many thanks. Tony
  10. Newbie query: Can I use the USB lead (for connecting to computer) to charge up X100T's battery from a portable power pack, say, if I'm out and about and need to top up the battery while having lunch ... I have a power pack with a '5V' output and 2 USB points with either '1A' or '2.4A' MAX (output?). I anticipate recharging to be slower than via a charger but don't mind that so long as it doesn't blow the mind of the X100T. (FYI: the power pack happily charges up an iPad Air.)
  11. Hi guys, I have an issue here with my X-E2 battery, my battery indicator will always at the full bar, when the battery is low, it will just shut down when I turn on the camera, it still can be turned on many time and in a second it will just shut down, after that I take out the battery for charging, after that it back to normal again. Anyone have the same issue with the battery? The battery indicator will always on full bar and just shut down when low battery. One more question how long or how many shoot does your X-E2 battery last normally? Mine is around 3-4 hour shoot for an event, around 100-150 raw photo. Is that normal?
  12. Hey There. Was wondering if anybody has any tips or tricks to save battery life. When i go out to shoot i usually have to take a spare battery with me. ( Which isn't too bad ). But got me thinking about what can i do to squeeze a few more photos out of a battery. For example, i usually have the camera on EVF with the sensor, so its off unless i want to look thru it. The problem i noticed is that when the camera is hanging from my neck my body also triggers the sensor and turns on the screen... I can't find a 'screens off' view mode, so the only way to have all the screens of would be turning off the camera. ( also, it would be awesome to have that view mode button configurable, so i can put it somewhere else... its very uncomfortable to use where it currently is ) Is it ok to be turning on/off the camera every few minutes to take a picture and have it off most of the time?. Any issues with the hardware? The biggest downside would be the startup time, I guess. Or is there any other pitfall? Does anybody has a good battery saving tip or thing to do?
  13. I am new to the Fuji world, having previously shot with Nikon and Olympus cameras. So far I really like the ergonomics and performance of the X-T2. I wanted a camera that allows me to think more about the image I want to capture and reduce the time I spend thinking about and changing settings, with a minimum number of focusing or unitended setting errors. My only initial concern is battery life. The first charge I spent a lot of time going through settings, so I didn't have any expectation related to number of shots. After recharging overnight, I went out to shoot and in less than 100 shots the battery was down to 4%. I did chimp after most of the shots, but had boost mode off and turned the camera off when walking between subjects. I usually can get at least 300-400 shots on my Olympus OM-D E-M1 between charges. What are other X-T2 users seeing? Is there something I might be doing that is draining power?
  14. Does anyone know whether the older cameras, as X-Pro2, X-T1 etc will gain anything from using the new NP-W126S?
  15. Hello guys, I would love to throw this out to see who has experience with this. Did anybody worked out a portable solution for charging camera batteries that will last few days? I am going to Mongolia and even with few batteries in pack I am afraid of running out of juice. Most affordable power banks allow for 2-3 extra charges charges but that doesn't suffice when one is out an about for days. Solar panel with combination of power bank seems as viable options, question is does anybody have real world experience with this?
  16. Each candy box, cufflink box, businesscard box etc I see, I'm looking at to see if it would work as a compact storage case for my spare X-series batteries. Really I'd like one-per-battery and be a neat fit so there's not a lot of wasted volume in my compact camera bag. Anyone found a good solution? I'm thinking along the lines of a tictac box (too small in UK...) - the USA has a 'big pack' 1oz tic tac box (surprise) which looks like it might be just the right size - anyone tried that? I'd consider cutting down both the height of the box and the depth of the cap, assuming the battery fits in it. I don't have the battery to hand but the interweb gives the dimensions as 47mm - 36mm - 15mm. Edit: I found a Tic Tac box the right size: See my post #10 in this thread for further details. Edit #99: same type of box, but since the original post I've tried this new layout and IMHO it's more convenient than retaining the separate lid:
  17. Does anyone has any real life experience on how the setting "High Performance Mode" in the power management will have an actual impact on the speed (boot up time, processing, focussing, etc...)? And if yes, is the battery power affected significantly? I'm just curious why the setting is turned off per default by Fuji. Btw, thanks fujirumors! If I had not read your tips on how to make the best out of the new AF system, I would not even know that this setting exists - Enable Mechanical Shutter (MS) only. The camera won’t focus between each shot (CL or CH) if MS+ES (electronic shutter) is enabled. – Turn Off face detection to enable PDAF – High Performance Mode ON
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