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Found 73 results

  1. From the album: x100t - new toy

  2. From the album: x100t - new toy

    got up early, but not before the mossies

    © chasable

  3. Is there any likely hood that a dedicated Fuji liaison may read this as I have been wondering if there will be a firmware update to control ISO from the command dial? I would picture the update to have an added feature "C" = command dial just under the AutoISO listings which will enable one to adjust ISO from the command dial and not go into the menu function. Additionally, having the command dial able to adjust exposure compensation would be nice as well as this can be done on XPRO2 and XT2 (turned to see on exposure compensation dial - all though lacking on X100T). Does anyone feel similar about customization of the command dial?
  4. From the album: Elements

    This was shot on a X100T and was made from a mutishot panorama. Hope you like it!
  5. I bought a gently used X100T a few months ago, and I began to notice that the center of the image was deadly sharp, but the left and right sides of the image were quite soft. The left was worse than the right. This was easily still seen at ƒ5.6, which is 3 stops down from maximum aperture. In my opinion, the lens should be performing well at that ƒ stop. The fellow that I bought the camera from gave me the original purchase receipt, and the camera was still under warranty. I called Fuji, and to their credit, they said they would still honor the warranty. I sent it in with some test prints and example images on a disk. I received the camera back, and the repair department wrote that they had replaced the lens. When I test any lens for sharpness, I have a routine where I carefully put the camera on a tripod, level it out, and shoot outdoors at a local university campus with very detailed masonry and brickwork architecture. I haven't had a chance yet - due to unbelievable rains in our area - to do a complete test on the repaired camera, but I had a chance to at least shoot the side of a very weathered barn. The lens is much sharper than before repairs, but the left side is still a bit soft at 5.6 and really doesn't clean up until ƒ11. If I can get a decent day I'll try and post an example image from my test routine. Just wondering if X100 owners have seen good overall sharpness in their cameras and whether my camera might have a another problem. I'm wondering if a digital sensor could have shifted so that it is not perpendicular to the lens axis, or something like that.
  6. I wanted to ask this here as most of you are fans of the X100 series. I have an X100T and I like it, but I'd like it more if it had the updated AF of the X-E2 and had a 35mm lens. As I don't shoot with flash, does the leaf shutter really matter? Any other advantages of the X100T? I have an X-Pro2 on preorder and a 35mm f/2. I'm thinking of selling my X100T and using the X-Pro2 with the 35mm. As far as focal lengths, I have them all covered already with my X-T1. Basically I just don't know if it makes sense to hold on to the X100T.
  7. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  8. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  9. From the album: Almost Photography


    © © Simo Väisänen

  10. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased an x100t off eBay and love the camera. However, the shutter speed dial on mine won't rotate to B - bulb. It will only go so far as T, limiting my maximum exposure time to 30 seconds. Is there another trick to getting the dial to B, or is my camera broken? Thanks for reading and to anyone who might know the answer! - Joe
  11. Hi, I have an x100t with the TCL-x100, and the combo is (really!) great for still shots, however trying to keep up with my kids is another story. Set to zone focus, high performance ON, face detection OFF and Focus priority, it feels like the camera is almost there, but just not fast enough, so I miss a lot of shots. So, I know I am in the x-t1 forum, should I be able to get better results with an x-t1 and 35mm 2.0 WR combo? Are the 4.0 firmware improvements, as well as the new lens just the thing that leaves the x100t in the dust?
  12. Last summer I went to a bicycle race series to see my friends racing. Here are some pictures I took at the races. All of them are with my x100t. Mardi cycliste by Samuel L-G, sur Flickr
  13. Dear Fuji (and every one else who has an opinion on the matter) Please, please, finde a way to fit the ACROS film simulation onto the EXR Processor II. ​I absolutely love my X100S, and have taken it with me to Japan, Minneapolis, the top of Kilimanjaro and every single party and family gathering sins I got it. The only thing I have been missing has been a good BW Jpeg mode. I have on several occasions gone shooting with a friend who owns a Leica camera, and has been envious of the BW Jpegs he has been able to pull straight out of he's camera. I may be a Fuji-X fanboy, but i think that the X-series is absolutely the future of still cameras. If we can just get the ACROS film simulation on the EXR Processor II, I would be so happy With my deepest admiration Caspar Facius Denmark
  14. On my x100t whenever I set pre AF to On the lens goes berserk and starts pre focusing whenever I change the cameras view. And this is without pressing the shutter button. I get what pre AF is all about e.g. during continuous AF when the shutter is pressed, and pictures are taken, but why does it pre focus continuously when the shutter is not even pressed? Seems a bit overkill to me. So, what am I missing here?
  15. Hi everyone, I just wasted three hours of explaining my idea and at the moment of posting my pc magicly shut down so in short... Fuji could incorporate 42mm, 50mm and let's say 65mm crop modes (framelines for OVF and EVF < like Leica did with the Q) without the need of using the TCL. I know this would kill/lower the sells of the TCL but would also make the X100S/T (especially considering it's size without the conversion lenses) more versatile for some 42mm, 50mm FL lovers and portrait (street) shooters who love the form factor of the X100 series. We would loose some of those megapixels (resulting in aprox. 14MP,12MP, 9MP) but for general use I don't see that as a huge problem, as long as you don't intend to print huge. I am aware that you can switch to TCL mode, but you're limited to shooting in OVF, and you have to crop the image and correct back the already corrected distortion in PP which is also not intended), also no correct image preview after shooting in that mode, EVF not usefull. They could even make two modes for the EVF, one with the framelines as if you were looking through the OVF + no paralax correction needed, and one with the 100% coverage for all FLs). Even with the EVF the camera would read 100% of sensor surface and display it on EVF/LCD and only take the crop portion of the image (or take one full image as a backup > RAW(full)+JPEG(cropped)? or using the ''Save original image'' option set to ON?). The change of what is saved and what not could be set in the Q menu also, and the change of framelines assigned to one of the custom fn buttons, as it's now possible for the conversion lenses. What do you think? Possible?...sure it is. Pretty please Fuji?
  16. I'm going to Moscow in December where it will be -2°C to -8°C and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on taking the X100t out in those kind of temperatures since it's not weather sealed. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks
  17. Original Blog Post: https://insigniachiaki.wordpress.com/2016/02/04/the-beauty-of-vintage-or-why-i-use-fuji-x/ Telling other photography enthusiasts that I use Fuji is sometimes a scary thing to do. You see, there are many other enthusiasts who believe that “Full Frame is the way to go” or that “Mirrorless cameras are for pussies”. Although I strongly disagree with these statements nowadays, I can see where they are coming from. Because being a FF-addict myself in the past, I can definitely remember my lust for ever-shallower DoP (BOKEHHHHHH!!!) and (on paper) amazing high ISO capabilities. But everything got a bit bland for me once I dove into the the world of FF cameras. Nikon D810s of the world and Sony α series of cameras of the world just seemed too boring for me. Sure, DSLRs are great work horses, but I find them implausible to shoot streets with without intimidating one or two pedestrians; Sony FF cameras are IQ-beasts, but I found them ill-designed in the software department. Now, I realize that photography is not all about the looks, the style, and glitters and gold, but sometimes just a bit of ‘oomph’ to entice one’s photography zeal wouldn’t be so bad, right? That’s exactly why I started exploring Fuji-X and vintage lenses. The new generation of APS-C sized sensors are really, really, really good, to my pleasant surprise. Recently updated models like Nikon’s D7200, Pentax’s K-3II, and Fuji’s 16 megapixel sensor cameras are all capable of squeezing out outstanding IQ in low light. In some cases these APS-C sensors, I found, are even outperforming certain FF cameras. (i.e. Sony’s original A7 and A7R) And today, Sony has just announced three G Master branded lenses to expand their growing FE mount lineup of lenses. They look incredibly amazing from the specs, and I truly believe Sony has just brought another wave of image quality revolution. I have never been disappointed by Sony cameras’ and high-end lenses’ image quality. With that being said, I can vividly remember the exactly same type of hype when Sony had just announced their A7R II, an on-paper beast of a camera that many thought could have slaughtered most other cameras on the market. 42.2 megapixels BI sensor, 4K internal recording, 399 AF points, and now with 14-bit uncompressed RAW! Wow! However, it wasn’t until recently that most people could get their hands on the A7R II that many now have cooled down from that initial hype. The roller coaster-ride that was the A7R II had so much promise, and was indeed a revolution in an otherwise-bland year of 2015 for cameras; however, there were also a lot of swings and misses (overheating issues, ergonomics concerns, annoying menus etc.) from the A7R II that reminded photography enthusiasts and pros alike that “specs aren’t everything” when it comes to really shooting a camera in the field.
  18. Mauritius. Both images made with my trusty X100T https://500px.com/photo/137017043/the-golden-hour-by-ali-hoolash https://500px.com/photo/136419943/pointe-aux-piments-beach-mauritius-at-sunset-by-ali-hoolash
  19. From the album: X100T

    Self preservation II

    © ©Rupert Warren

  20. From the album: X100T

    Self preservation I

    © ©Rupert Warren

  21. https://insigniachiaki.wordpress.com/2016/01/19/x-gene-a-love-and-hate-story-fujifilm-x-pro1-x-t1/ Hi! I would just to like you guys to know that I have created a blog and written my impressions of the X-T1 and X-Pro1 in a post there. I have shot Fuji for a year now, more or less. It would be great to have some feedbacks! Thanks!
  22. Just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as a wedding photographer from New York State! This past weekend I went along with a friend and volunteered to shoot alongside them for free in order to shoot the whole day with just my X100T & X-T1 with 56mm f/1.2 lens! It would be wonderful if you'd be willing to take a look and offer some feedback! http://clients.thestoryphotography.com/fujix100tandfujix-t1/ Thanks so much! -Shulvy
  23. My latest essay for X100C: http://j.mp/1g3oOUc All pictures taken in New-York and Chicago with the X100T and the WCL-X100. Edited entirely in Lightroom with TotallyRad! Replichrome presets. CC are welcome
  24. Rue


    From the album: X100T

    Walnut Catkins

    © Rupert Warren 2015

  25. Hello, I used a x100T for a couple of weeks and was surprised that there was a visible lag when I put my eye to the viewfinder. It takes about 1 second for the evf to appear with an audible click. This made me miss some shots. I don't get this in my current x-t1. I miss the x100T for many other reasons but I am hesitant to buy one for this reason mainly ( but also for lack of tilting screen). Does this lag bother you too? Thanks for your thoughts! Nicolas https://www.flickr.com/photos/nwinspeare/
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