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  1. Mine had the issue, but its disapears. I put the body on "economic mode" to improve battery life, but i dont know if its this fix the issue.
  2. Me too. I put the camera in "economic mode", reformated the cards, and now its ok. About 1000 frames, and no issue anymore.
  3. Tonight i got the issue about 15 times on 200 pictures. Horrible, because i was making Brenizers style photos... But when i dont shoot repetitly fast, it was ok. Disapointing.
  4. In cant see in the specs rumors an OVF + small EVF like x100t. I'm sad.
  5. I think it's obvious that all features came with 4.0 firmware can't be include in the actual X-e2 hardware (like instax share, wi-fi remote, etc...), that's why i think a second version comes. The actual X-E2 will have a 4.0 firmware, with better AF, etc...
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