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  1. Hello fellow Fujifilm X100F shooter, Recently, I made a vector trace of Fujifilm X100F to be used as a guide to make a cutting sticker to wrap my X100F. Since then, I continue to make It better so it can fit my X100F perfectly (nothing’s perfect though). The purpose of this sticker is to make X100F design simpler, unobtrusive and stealthier. Also, it can reduce a chance of camera getting scratches. Because I didn’t have the cutting machine, I took several days just to print, re-adjust, print, re-adjust and so on in a local scooter sticker wrapping service. For your info, they cost me less than $1 to print it with the sticker provided. It’s cheap. I don’t know how much it cost in your country but I think it will be less than $10. I decided to share the file and instruction to you all and you can download it for : 1. free or pay if you want
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