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    Foto.scot got a reaction from dbspano in Travel to Italy: X100T or X-E2?   
      Have you been to Italy yet? I wish I'd seen this post earlier as I had a very similar decision to make last summer. In the end the X100T was more than up to the job. As stated above- yes, there are certain shots you may miss but the sheer convenience more than makes up for that.
    What I love most about this little camera is that it results in one less decision having to be made and THAT results in better photography (for me at least)- no more deciding which lens to use, whether to zoom in, zoom out... If I see something in the distance that would require a long lens and I can't get close enough to it, what do I do? I don't spend too much time worrying about it- there's a million other subjects all around us, out there, all of the time!
    I posted 3 blog posts on Sicily all exclusively shot with the Fuji X100T (thats the only camera I had with me). The first can be seen here if it's of any interest still. http://www.foto.scot/blog/sicilia-i 
    If you've already been it would be great to see some of your images and hear your thoughts. And if not, have a great time there
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    Foto.scot got a reaction from Stockografie in Marrakesh with the X100T   
    Beautiful images! It looks like an amazing palace to be with a camera. I've heard also about some of the locals aversion to being photographed, or demanding money in exchange. I do understand somewhat if they're working in a place where tourists point a camera at them every 5 mins- it's never nice feeling like a money in a zoo! But there agin in other places people don't seem to mind so... who knows.
    I guess you have to be a little;e more thick skinned there for street photography
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    Foto.scot got a reaction from Ektachrome in A few days in Catania (X100T)   
      I spent a few days in Catania, Sicily this summer with the X100T. Beautiful city, beautiful camera and it was my first time using it in bright sunlight- here in Scotland we don't get much.
    I wrote a 3 part blog featuring images of the trip at www.foto.scot/blog - If anyone wants to have a look there, some comments at the end of the blog post would be appreciated- I'm not sure how to get people engaged on my actual blog as they tend to comment on my Facebook page, twitter etc instead. Any ideas on that would be good too if anyone knows/has any?
    Anyways, this forum is great and hopefully I'll be a regular poster here. It's always good to talk to folk with similar interests!
    (ps. I was going to add a couple more images below but I'm on the Isle of Skye and the internet has just gone into snailspace speed!)

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