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  1. As said above 3rd one is brilliant. Great images!
  2. First batch of street photos I've created since moving over from Nikon. Really enjoying the X-T10 for street and it's an absolute world of difference from running around with a bulky and attention-drawing DSLR. Am also having a ton of fun discovering what the X-Trans sensor looks like, particularly at night with artificial light at high ISO. There's something about the RAW files and what you can do with them, they feel so different. Photos below were taken in Newport, Wales - Montreal, Canada - Vienna, Austria - and Toronto, Canada with the X-T10 and either the XF 23mm f1.4 or XF 35mm f2.0.
  3. F-Stop has a wide variety of inserts as well: http://shop.fstopgear.com/us/product/icu.html If you want something more stylish, Ona has one too: https://www.onabags.com/store/small-goods/the-roma.html
  4. What if you went with a compact bag, something like a thinktank mirrorless mover, and put that in a bigger 'normal' bag when you're traveling? That way you can leave all your laptops and unnecessary gear in the hotel room and just bring out the mover when shooting, and when you're traveling on planes etc. everything is in one backpack or roller. That's my personal setup for trips exactly like yours.
  5. Do you find the diffraction is linked to exposure length - does under exposing help minimize it? For reference regarding stars, here's f16 on a XF 23mm on an X-T10
  6. Agree with this. The 35mm is a lot more versatile than the 90mm, unless you are very specifically needing a telephoto length for sport or portraiture only.
  7. If this is your first camera bag, I highly recommend a small camera bag that can also act as an 'insert'. I have the Think Tank Mirrorless Mover 20 and it's been great for this purpose - great size, nicely built, has a rain cover, and well priced. They also make smaller and bigger sizes depending on how much you need to fit. This allows you to have a very versatile set up. You can use the bag as a standalone bag when you're out shooting, but when you're traveling or hiking, you can just pop it into your normal bag and be able to carry all your other stuff with you (water bottles etc.) and your camera equipment will be well protected. IMO, this is the perfect place to start and highlights the true benefit of having a small mirrorless system, then you can move on to dedicated camera bags as you see the need for it from there. In terms of brands, generally look out for Think Tank, Kata, Ona, Billingham, and F-Stop. Hope that helps.
  8. I have both. As mentioned above, they are two completely different lenses for different purposes. The 23 f1.4 is VERY nice optically, and fast wide open. But it's also quite big with the lens hood on compared to the 35mm f2. So far I've used the 23 for everything from landscapes to sport and it's truly a fantastic lens in terms of optical quality, and the focus ring on it works beautifully especially with focus peaking. Generally though, I use it in situations where I can pre-focus on my subject and the photo is more slow and deliberate. The 35mm f2 has the added benefit of weather sealing, and very fast and silent autofocus, making it a great walkabout lens for shots like this or this. It works great with AF-C, and I almost never use manual focus on it. It's the kind of lens you keep in your bag at all times, as the nifty 50mm length combined with WR, good optical quality for the size, and fast AF, make it an extremely versatile prime. Definitely recommend trying the 35 f2 in a store and seeing which one makes the most sense for you. I really enjoy using both, but in different situations. That being said, I would be interested in going from the 23 to the 16 just like Stonehorn above for the WR.
  9. Cheakamus River, BC, Canada Fuji X-T10 + Fujinon 23mm f1.4
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