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  1. I had both, but kept the 27mm only as my compact setup lens. On the other hand, 23mm is my preferred focal length, so I got the 23mm/1.4 for all the occasions when size is not crucial.
  2. As RRS seems not to be willing to produce an L-bracket for the X-E3, I’m searching for an alternative that has - optical axis markings - favorably an extendable L-component (for better remote port access) - 1/4” mount(s) in optical axis - battery door access - no grip extension Any ideas?
  3. You could use Canon FD wideangle lenses but I think, there is no tilt-shift-adapter for them. Kipon produces a Nikon-Fuji-tilt-shift-adapter. Not sure which mount und if the respective lenses allow changing aperture on lens. Gesendet von iPhone mit Tapatalk
  4. Thank you! Probably, your problem is not your camera or its firmware.
  5. While preparing for a journey to Central Asia, I just recognized that PictBridge isn't supported anymore in the X-T2. After some research on the net, it seems like the X-E2s and the X70 were the last models to support PictBridge... I think that's totally annoying! I have a Polaroid PoGo and it is such a compact package compared to Instax printers, especially when taking the size of spare sheets into account. Is there any other small mobile printer that can be used directly from the X-T2 (without that Fuji app in between) or are those bulky Instax bricks the only option left?
  6. To which value did you set screen brightness to?
  7. Can't reproduce this behavior with my X-T2 and SanDisk Extreme 128GB(80MB/s) / 32GB(60MB/s) combo. Do you have boost mode activated in the Fuji?
  8. 1. Manual Lens settings as a function button option. This is possible only with the Fuji M-Mount adapter button yet, but it would be useful when using other adapters as well. 2. Deleting photos directly on review. When taking a photo, one has to switch to play mode first in order to delete it.
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