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  1. I aggree wthit Neil's suggesstions 0) Not any more expensive than the X-T1 at introduction 1) New 24mp Sensor 2) New Joystick 3) Fully Articulating LCD (try using the current one to shoot low to the ground in portrait mode) 4) Tripod socket in center 5) Better histogram - RGB 6) IBIS (I can dream) 7) Built in radio control for flash 8) Better bracketing options 9) Focus mode switch around AF button in back of camera ALA Panasonic 10) Touch screen (with option to turn it off, of course) 11)With a 50-140 or 100-400 lens a Deeper Grip will surrelly help ..... 12) GPS This would be super and really appreciated. It would be make the XT2 a real Fuji flagship
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