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  1. I have owned a Nikon D700 and currently own an XT3 and love landscape. I shoot handheld and with a tripod. I was a lifelong Nikon shooter and I consider the D700 a fairly special camera. There was something beautiful about the files that I would get from the camera. I used to have a Nikon D200 and was always a bit disappointed with the images out of camera with regards to dynamic range. The D700 caused me not to abandon digital and go back to film. There was a lot of data I could get out of the D700 files if I played with them a bit in Adobe. It will always be one of my favorites. Never tried the D750. Rented a D800 and found it didn't set off the same bells and whistles for me for some reason. Switched to Fujifilm in 2012 primarily because I was intrigued having a camera with no mirror box (less camera shake) and was lighter weight (hiking). Fujifilm and Nikon had worked together or supported each other technologically in the past. I love Fujifilm's color science from the film days. I have had the X-T3 with battery grip for a very short time and have used it a few times. I like the way it feels and handles so far. I still need to do a big trip with it but what I see so far from the files I do like. I don't do a ton of post and I like to tweak things in camera. I can tell you my past Fujifilm ownership has included ownership of the X100(gone), X-T1 (gifted to family recently after several years of use), X20 (gone) , XPro1 and XPro2(keepers) along with the XE3 (selling). I am very happy with the image quality from the Fuji products. When I compare my D200 shots from Yosemite and my XT1 shots from Yosemite the Fuji shots were fantastic. Also, I have found I can recover a lot of info from Fuji files if need be particularly in the shadows. You could always rent the camera and play with both to help your decision. Lenses: Many folks swear by the Samyang 12mm. I own the Zeiss Touit 12mm which I picked up for sale in a bundle for $420 USD new. I found the 18mm equiv focal length useful in Yosemite and other landscape destinations. It sells for more than that still today. However my favorite focal length is 24mm equivalent so the Fujifilm 16mm f1.4 stays bolted to one of my X cameras these days. I used a 20mm Nikon prime back in the day but never felt like getting the Fujifilm 14mm. Some folks love the 14. I have a 9mm ultra wide (13.5 mm equivalent) and a 7.5mm fisheye (11mm or so equivalent ) that I am trying out on the XT3 this weekend.I've never been interested in trying the Fuji 10-24 zoom. Hope this helps.
  2. An X-E3 with a 27mm pancake is invisible too.
  3. Before you toss an image.....Photo 1 is there texture in the wall that could be brought out more with processing?
  4. Exactly what I noticed between the two lenses--for green landscapes I noticed a big color difference between the two lens and prefer the 18-55 for those type of shots.
  5. It is a surprising little workhorse of a lens. Right now it's glued to my X Pro. I got a clean used copy in excellent condition for little over $200 USD last year and haven't looked back. Almost wish I could find another. I love it for travel when I am on a weight budget. The photos are great and it just gets out of the way.
  6. Yup. I stopped reading his blog several months ago when I realized he had slipped over to "the Dark Side." Something has changed about his blog. And not for the better.
  7. X Pro 2, X Pro 1 and X-T1 are in my arsenal. X Pro 2 is in use the most now.
  8. Once upon a time I had the X100. I have the X Pro 2. On the fence about the X100F but its a much improved beast over the original X100 from what I can read. I enjoy the interchangeable lenses so not sure if I would want to pull the trigger on an F.
  9. I use GGS glass as well for my X Pros. I don't use anything for the XT1 flippy screen and so far (knock on wood) it is not scratched up.
  10. okay, inspired me to put a photo or two of my Pro 2 on here this weekend. Shopping for a half case but not sure I want Gariz. You have very nice kit! Congrats!
  11. My own desire would be to see a Medium Format Rangefinder aesthetic. I always wanted to see another Mamiya 7 type offering from somebody. A light weight (relatively speaking) field camera. A high resolution "monster" I could take on hikes (along with a tripod) for landscape photography. And yes, I do desire really large prints. I am excited to see what new technologies and developments are around the bend.
  12. Blacksheep

    Travels in China

    Some shots from a recent excursion to China.
  13. I love the 16mm followed by the 35mm f2. They are always on my X-Pro 1 or X-T1. Next is the 18-55 as its a workhorse zoom for me.
  14. I enjoy my X-Pro 1 as well. If I could just find the right diopter without having to buy a half dozen. I wear readers (+1.75) and was looking for something to replace the original eyepiece.
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