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  1. after lots of searching and trial and error, The Mindshift Rotation 22L works best for more athletic pursuits, hiking, cycling. great features for hiking with your camera and lenses. best....you don’t need to remove the pack to take out your camera.
  2. Searching for an alternative lens hood for the xf 50-140, I came across this thread. I have the same irritating problem. The lens easily goes on reversed but trying to put it on forward is a pain and I think im going to break it. So.....it is not you.
  3. I am absolutely interested in this lens. One of the reasons I went mirrorless was because of the smaller lenses, my first MLC being the GF 1. I love the size and quality of the Olympus lenses and if their cameras had an apsc sensor, I would not have switched. Since I switched to Fuji, my dream has always been for Fuji to make beautiful smaller lenses like Olympus, even at f2, not too many complaints about summicron lenses being too slow at f2 The Fuji 35 f2 is a beautiful lens and although some mistakenly say cheaper, is just as well made and faster focusing than the more expensive 1.4. I have both but haven't used the 1.4 much since I purchased the f2. So yes, I'd love to see a series of smaller, beautiful f2 series of lenses from Fuji. From wide to moderate tele.
  4. The 23 is definitely a beautiful lens and if I only had one, would prefer it over the 35 WR. However, I took a different approach and went with the 16 WR in lieu of the 23 and kept the 35. This gave me two great focal lengths with WR. I'm considering selling the 56 for the 90 for a full WR trio. To be honest I have never used an Xf prime lens I did not enjoy so you really can't go wrong either way.
  5. It's kinda like when someone asks me if they should buy an iPhone 6S or wait for the 7. I tell them to wait for the 8. There will always be a newer camera however unless you knew for sure it was being released very soon, I would not wait. I have the X100T and if it is the style of camera you are looking for, well, you will not be disappointed. Firmware updates keep older models pretty current, much like updates to previous model iPhones keeping up with newer iPhones. If you look at the new X Pro 2 (I have one on order) there are a lot of improvements of the X Pro 1, but that is a five year old camera. The rumor sites talk about a newer sensor, like the X Pro 2's new 24 mp and for me that is reason enough to buy it when it comes out. But no one knows for sure when it will be released; the X Pro 2 rumors were over two years old. Maybe buy a "like new" used one and if you decide to resell it when a new model comes out, you won't take a very big loss. In the meantime, you will have been using a fantastic camera.
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