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  1. I agree that canon lens is great for travel. I'd buy one in a second if Fuji came out with one. My 18-135 isn't sharp enough for my taste and is too slow. Yes, for me size is the main reason for switching away from Canon full frame Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bonjour! I found the same thing but I was shooting in a very dark venue so thought it was related to that. I switched to boost mode and no problems after that but the camera got quite warm over the 2-3 hours of shooting (with battery grip). I don't remember ever seeing this issue (or the really warm camera) when shooting with my X-T1 at least to the same degree. For what it's worth I was using my old batteries, not the newer ones (I only have the one that came with the camera).
  3. I agree it's unfair to compare Fuji service to CPS or Nikon Pro Services. I've been a CPS for over 10 years now and it's fantastic but you pay for it yearly and you have to meet certain qualifications (a certain amount of pro equipment). Hopefully Fuji comes up with a similar service and sounds like they are heading in that direction. I'd happily pay. Before I worry about service I'd just like to see a more durable camera. The X-T1 is not well weather sealed with rubber doors that can't stay closed. Hope the X-T2 is better (still trying to resist the X-Pro2). One thing to consider though- a 1DX costs you $4-7K. For that you can afford to have an extra Fuji body (or two) in case you run into problems. Two X-T1s are still probably smaller and lighter than my 1DX. Doesn't address broken lenses but those have been super solid for me- I'd put them up against Canon (wonder what lens rentals thinks) so I just try to not drop them and have enough overlap in my lens collection to cope with a missing lens
  4. Exactly, also Fuji won't warrantee water damage (at least in the US). I lost one of my X-T1s to 2 hours of heavy rain (not planned but with 18-135WR lens). Talking to the techs it's clear there are many places water can get into camera. I'm hoping the next generation (X-Pro2 and X-T2) are better. The WR lenses look 1st class from what I can tell though.
  5. Not only is the XT-1 not water proof (as others have said) but Fuji USA won't cover water damage under warrantee and in my case couldn't repair it either way. I lost my XT-1 to 2-3 hours of heavy rain during a trip where I only had one lens connected- the 18-135WR. After a lot of back and forth with the guys in New Jersey the best they could do was to give me a $100-200 discount over what I could get from B&H/Amazon so say goodby to $900 or so. I hope the next pro Fuji does a better job including but not limited to that crappy rubber door on the side. PS. The lens seems fine, it's been at least 6 months and it still works.
  6. Exactly what I was thinking Very nice job compiling all this data and providing a starting place for some short comments on each lens. You clearly put a lot of time and thought into this post. Your Samyang 8mm 2.8II comment was right on. I love that lens. So sharp wide open. I was blown away after my first shoot with the lens. IMO your comments around the larger 2.8 zooms were a bit light on substance (no offense meant). Yes, they are much larger lenses but although I have the 18-55, I use the 16-55 on travel because it has that extra 2mm at the wide side, is noticeably sharper, has weather sealing and faster aperture at the long end (lack of OIS is unfortunate though). That said, it is significantly heavier and after a day of lugging it around you'll notice that. You can't please everyone. Go for rough consensus (IETF style) and call it a day. Remember- perfection is the enemy of good Russ
  7. I use a black rapid strap so my lens was pointing down as well. Could be my early release X-T1 bought in first few weeks it cane out had issues with weather sealing. It had the light leak issue and I had the rubber door replaced after that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. I'd rent the 18-135 and see if you like it. Personally I'd rather have the 16-55 2.8 WR since it's considerably sharper, brighter and overall a much higher quality lens. That extra 2mm at the wide end is nice as well. The 18-135 has an annoying feature that the zoom gets sticky as you move past 100mm to 135mm which makes it less enjoyable to use and I'm finding it's not a super sharp lens. The 16-55 is the best lens I have for my X-T1 and I have 6 or 7 of them. The 18-55 2.8-4.0 is a fantastic lens. Has IS, nice image quality and is small (something to consider if you're on a bike). The fact is isn't weather sealed may seem to be a problem but if you look at my other posts you'll see I complain about WR on the X-T1 (worth getting but don't count on it). I agree with others about the 2nd body. I lost a body to rain while in Rome. Got VERY lucky to be able to pick up a replacement 3 days later in Sicily after hunting around for two days. Those 3 days I shot with my x100s and it was a bit frustrating. The X-T1 body is small and light and easy to pack, just a matter of $. Just remember that you may end up losing both the lens and body so have a backup for both (why I like the 18-55 even more). Now if you'll be near camera stores all the time then pass on it but SE Asia and some parts of AU could be an issue. Hopefully you have an iPhone as your backup anyway (moment lenses are nice - momentlens.co). I use one for geotagging so have it with me always anyway. If you want a wide lens I'd think about Samyang to save money. It's nice having something wide (12mm would be my choice) for landscape and even some in-town atmosphere pics. My 8mm is amazingly sharp so maybe the 12mm is as well. Annoying you have to focus by hand and no lens data transmitted to camera but for wide angle that isn't as critical (IMO)
  9. The 18-55 is fast compared to the 35. How about getting the 23? It's sharper than the 35 and one of the faster focusing lenses. The 35 is the only lens I've sold so far. Really didn't like that lens. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. My 1D would have been fine and there are plenty of consumer waterproof cameras that would have as well. When I was getting paid to get out in bad weather and shoot I often used a rain cover but not always and same for the pros around me both Canon and Nikon shooters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Quite a bit sharper and heavier so just depends on how important sharpness is to you. I don't think anyone has mentioned the extra 2mm you get at the wide end. That's significant and a reason I bring it with me on travel now I do miss the OIS though Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. 2 hours in the rain in Rome with the 18-135 and I lost my x-t1 so I'd assert is isn't very well sealed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Speaking only for the X-T1 (update: looks like the new 1.16 firmware fixes issues with X-E2 and X100S but I haven't tried it in the field) - If you already have Canon 600 EX-RT flashes the hot setup is to use the Yongnuo YN-E3-RT. It doesn't allow TTL but does allow remote control over flash power. I've tried using my Pocket Wizards (TT5 and TT1) and just don't get the same reliability as with the Canon setup plus there is no extra equipment on the flash side which simplifies things a lot when you're placing strobes into locations you don't have easy access to. All you worry about is mounting a flash and making sure you have battery power to the flash (and can use external battery packs for the flash). Not a cost effective solution for people who don't already have the 600 EX-RT, I'll admit, but it's a high quality reliable solution and the 600-EX-RT is a very durable flash (much better than the 580 it replaced) Note the one (minor) unfortunate feature of this system is that you have to hit the test button on the Yongnuo after any power level change so it sends the new power level to the flashes (unlike the canon E3-RT which just sends it automatically). Beyond that it just works and works just like the Canon controller (at 1/2 or more off the price) I suspect the Yongnuo 600-EX works instead of the Canon flash but I haven't tried it. It's also clear from reviews that it isn't as durable as the Canon and that durability may be worth 3x the price to some (it is to me, who wants to work through a problem while on a time critical event like a wedding or music event?) Still waiting for a TTL solution FUJI! I just wish they'd hookup with Yongnuo and be done with it. Maybe they could get Yongnuo to bump up the product quality a bit while they are at it. Update: I just updated to the latest 1.16 firmware and there is a new "legacy trigger" mode option that appears to have been added specifically for Fuji. Turn it ON. With that I can now trigger my 600ex with my X-E2 and X100S. That said I haven't used in the field so can't say it works fully but am guessing it will now.
  14. I have fairly big hands (XL size gloves) and the X100S is fine for me and I'm coming from a 1DX (which feels great if it weren't so heavy). Once you fall in love with the X100T you can go from there. Maybe it will be all you need or like me it will be the gateway drug to the full line of Fuji lenses and X-T1 (or X-T2, whatever is out). I still have my X100S and sometimes take it out on the street when I don't want the larger camera.
  15. I got stuck in a few hours of heavy rain with nothing to cover my camera while on travel outside the US with the 18-135WR attached and no battery/SD card changes. Lens was fine but the finder fogged up part way through my walk and by morning I couldn't get my X-T1 to take a pic and the finder was still fogging up. Fuji USA wouldn't repair it because it was damaged due to "water damage". Pretty much a complete loss- I got a few $100 off on a replacement body. All that to say be careful with your X-T1 in the rain. WR is a meaningless PR term as far as I'm concerned especially when Fuji won't stand behind the feature. Weather resistance is obviously not weather proof but my X-T1 didn't put up much resistance in my case.
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