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  1. I have also used mine for extended periods (XT2 + grip with Fuji "W" batteries and both the 50-140 and 100-400 without issue. I do not use sleep mode but prefer to turn the camera off between shots if the time allows other than that leave it on. I have read that some people do have issues when the camera is set to auto sleep mode so it may be worth turning this off if it is set to on. Good luck.
  2. I have also come from Nikon D810 to XT2 and have no regrets, the AFC is far better and more accurate on the Fuji and the IQ / colours are superb.The other advantages are size and weight and my shoulders appreciate the reduced load.
  3. No complaints about mine, it is razor sharp and superfast to focus, I also use mine 90% of the time handheld and have used it for BIF / Airshows and track work all with satisfactory results so no complaints. Here is a link to a motocross event I covered with it and these are under 300pix images from large Tiffs: http://571photography.blogspot.co.uk/2016/09/moto-cross.html
  4. If the image of the camera is anything to go by then that was one heck of an impact, I trust you are not too badly beaten up? The Fuji's are incredibly robust and their weight does not always endorse the strength of the body. Good to hear it is still performing and lets hope Fuji can sort out the problem for you. I loved the comment about the person who deliberately defaced his camera - I remember reading about him using wire wool to deface it.............a shame as genuine patination from use looks good but what he did was deliberate and looked it.
  5. I have to admit that it reminds me a little of the old Leica M series I used when working overseas, they had some genuine "brassing" from use that did look different and caused people to frown but they were working cameras and did a job! It is your camera, your money and your choice so you do with it as you see fit. There are lots out there who spend good money on a camera and then do not use it so it remains in pristine condition and I find that sad. I must admit that now I do photography purely as a hobby I do keep my kit in good condition as I now pay for it myself and if I want an upgrade, trade in price is a big part and no matter how much we say we will not let an item go, the lust of a newer better model can sometimes win out.
  6. Thank you both, I used Zone when shooting at a distance with the 100-400 and when close up with the 16-55 I used wide/tracking. In both cases the focus was fast and accurate. I did have the AFC setting on N0.4 (Subject suddenly appears) and some of the bikes could bot be seen until they were in the air in front of me but the AFC picked them up without issue.
  7. I went to the Moto cross event today as I wanted to try the AFC tracking on the XT2 with both the 100-400 and the 16-55 and I used the following settings: ISO = Auto Zone Focus = 9 central spots then wide tracking AFC category = I used setting 4 (subject suddenly appears) 100 - 400 set to f8 and 1/2000 sec The above were for most of the images but used f5.6 with the 16-55mm I am thrilled with the performance and it more than lived up to all my expectations and the only focus fails were down to operator headspace! These are just a few of the images
  8. Iansky

    Moto Cross with XT2

    Tried the XT2 AFC today at a moto cross event and it is superb.
  9. I took the combo above out today - dull day with flat lighting so I thought it was a chance to see how the AFC has improved on the XT2 especially if lighting that was even. All of the images are pushed and they start off for no's 1,2 & 3 at 1600iso - no.4 is 2500iso and no.5 is 3200iso. I am happy with the AFC especially with the poor light but I will leave you to form your own opinions - please consider these are all max 300kb from Tiff originals that look much better.
  10. Iansky

    XT2+100-400 pushed

    Images of birds in flight
  11. These are some of the images that I took with the X70 when we were on a short break in Brighton last week. It is an amazing little camera that exceeded all my expectations. Sorry it is so image heavy.
  12. Iansky

    X70 in Brighton

    Images taken with the superb and very small pocket camera with the heart of an XT1.
  13. I collected my XT2 last Friday and finally got a chance to try it out at a wartime weekend locally. Alas only the option to try AFS but so far very pleased and the rendition does just seem a little better than from my XPro2 but hardly noticeable. I got the grip with it and the camera and grip combined are smaller and lighter than my D810 body I traded in.............my shoulders and neck will thank me after a long day of shooting!
  14. Iansky

    Angel Islington

    We made our annual pilgrimage to Islington, London last weekend to attend the Angel Festival, a great day with fun and friendly people with a mix of stalls along the canal towpath. I travelled light as I was helping my wife on her stall so took just the X70 and managed to grab some street shots as well as some at the festival. A fun day was had by one and all.
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