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  1. I've read the manual and executed the simple procedure... but it doesn't work. Going SETUP menu > SCREEN SETUP > FRAMING GUIDELINE gives me the choice of GRID 9 and GRID 24, plus HD FRAMING. When I select any of these, nothing changes. The rear screen and EVF stay grid-free. Frame lines are pretty essential to me, since I'm using this camera to mount an full frame ultrawide zoom on a shift adaptor for architectural work. Does anybody know a cause or a fix?
  2. As an SLR guy, I find it alarming that the sensor is always exposed. My XE1 was bought used, and has an uncleanable sensor spot that hasn't shown up in photos. And the potential for dust contamination must be greater. Changing lenses in the desert on a windy day. I wouldn't look forward to that. Mirrorless means shutterless. The camera makers are so delighted with those cost savings that nothing else matters to them- certainly not the long-term utility of these perishable consumer goods.
  3. After misplacing my battery charger for my XP1 and XE1, I checked the usual sources for a replacement. I couldn't quite believe that both B&H and Adorama were out of stock. Same story at the local Fuji store in Denver. Their clerk helped me find the OEM unit, BC-W126, on Amazon. It was the last one left! Has anyone else noticed this disturbance in the force. Any guesses why?
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