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  1. "Boost camera focus and viewfinder display performance." This is difficult do assess unless with delicate experiments.
  2. hpchavaz

    Street in Paris

    Just a "potpourri" of photographs to understand what I'm talking about sometimes.
  3. If you have the curiosity to look at my profile, you'll notice that I'm not really new on this forum. However so far my activity has been more than limited. By the way, I curate a Scoop.it feed "Fujifilm X Series APS C sensor camera" and maintain a list of Fujifilm Film Simulation Profiles covering XTrans-I camera to the latest.
  4. I try to avoid the subject so I wrote a note: TAILLE DU CAPTEUR. / SENSOR SIZE
  5. Nice, I made a test on a X100s file comparing CLASSIC CHROME Homebrew V5 (X100s) Adobe standard Provia Astia Pro Neg std Pro Neg hi Contact sheet downlable https://www.dropbox.com/s/u1rim3mqw2g8v8h/ContactSheet-001.jpg?dl=0 BTW: how do you embed a picture in a post in the forum?
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