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  1. This'll be the first time I'm buying a camera bag, so I'm totally clueless and would like some guidance (I just bought my first ever camera, X-T10, last week): My idea is to buy a pretty big enough bag that can hold my camera, a couple of lenses, some items like bottle water, snacks, laptop, tshirts, etc. and preferably a small tripod (for example, this will be a good bag for one-day hiking). But at the same time, I don't want the bag to be big enough that it will be taking too much space in my luggage when I'm travelling (for ex: I'm going for a one-week trekking in some mountains in
  2. Thanks so much all for the answers... Sounds beautiful, mind sharing the picture of your treasure box? Thanks
  3. Thanks so much for the answers. To @Milandro: you said never removed battery or lens but I just stumbled upon an article from Nikon that we need to remove lens and battery when not using (for a while). Does this make any difference at all actually, between removing or keeping them attached? Thanks
  4. I don't use them every day, probably just once every week. I know the basics like not putting them under direct sunlight or in high humidity, but I still want to know the details. -right now I don't have a casing nor a bag (newly bought camera), and I just put them naked on the table beside my laptop but with no direct sunlight, is it okay? -is it okay to put them beside my laptop? I'm just afraid my laptop can generate heat and electro magnetic fields that can damage the camera and lenses? -should i put my camera standing (sensor facing sideways) or lying (sensor facing ceiling)? and how a
  5. Hi, I can't connect my camera (X-T10) with my iPhone (iOS 9.1) I have installed Fujifilm Camera Remote onto my iPhone and pressed the Fn7 button in my camera X-T10 to open the "wireless communication". When I tried to connect from my iPhone to the camera it said "can not connect". What's the problem here? p.s. pls understand if this question sounds extremely dumb as I just bought my X-T10 two weeks ago and this is my first ever interchangeable lens camera Thanks all
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