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  1. My guess would have been the silent mode or electronic shutter. I use a Yongnuo yn560-tx. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  2. Pretty happy with my YN570 and trigger. Thinking of adding another to my kit. Can't beat the price.
  3. Thanks. It took me a few minutes to find it buried in the menu.
  4. 23mm 1.4 18-55mm 2.8-4 60mm 2.4 --- "ZHP is a garbage option anyway- just some cosmetic upgrades with a different cam and diff to claw back some of the performance lost fitting those hideous and heavy wheels. Any 330 with a 3.46 diff will smoke a ZHP every time. The whole Mafia thing reeks of childish behavior." - anonymous
  5. Hi. I'm a hobbyists shooter living in Northern Virginia (USA). I have an X-T1 and a few lenses. Here to learn and be inspired. Shawn Thumbs, iPhone, TaT.
  6. Great shot ant PP. Thumbs, iPhone, TaT.
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