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    bedtime story

    X-Pro1, XF 35mm, XF 18-55mm windowlight early morning by Uwe Richter, auf Flickr evening sun by Uwe Richter, auf Flickr red & white by Uwe Richter, auf Flickr
  2. Here is another example. Fuji X-Pro1 & 18-55mm in the right hand ... EF-X20 with a Canon Cord OC-E3 attached in my left hand.
  3. My pic is more simple A Nissin i40 in TTL Mode on my X-Pro1 ... Bounced to the wall left and a little bit forward, by using a little black foamy thing to keep away all direkt light from my model.
  4. Hey Fellows, I want you to show your beautiful pictures, taken with a fuji-x camera and attached old Minolta Lenses. To start ... Here are two pics, taken with my X-Pro1 and the Minolta MD 4/200mm.
  5. I would choose the X-Pro, too. But, if Fuji would deliver a small Firmware-Update for the X-Pro1, I had no need for a new body Coloured focus peaking and spot metering for the activated Fokus-Field is all I miss.
  6. Hello, my name is Uwe and I'm from Germany. You can find my bio and work at www.uwerichterphotography.de And this is how I look: Cheers Uwe
  7. Hello, I love my X-Pro and my little Nissin i40 in TTL-Mode when I shoot at low light conditions. Are there other Fuji Lovers, who shoot with on-camera flash? Here is a result: C 1 von -UweRichterPhotography-
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