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  1. If I can't use a high shutter speed I use a tripod or a flash. It has worked for me for over 30 years.
  2. I can not figure out how to shoot tethered in light room cc. I have the Fuji plugin and use a Mac.
  3. I shot a 1000 photos at yellowstone with no problems.
  4. My wedding gear 23 mm 14 mm 56 mm Quantum t-2 flash Mostly I use the 23. Will probably get the 90
  5. I use the 23 and 56 at weddings. About 85% with the 23. I use the 56 mostly for the actual ceremony.
  6. i traded a canon 5d3 for a xpro-1 and never looked back. i shot 2000 photos of yellow stone np and all were great. for a hiking/landscape camera the xpro-1 is great.
  7. My perfect x-pro 2 would have a 24mp sensor, no video, the same size, and a battery that can last 1500 to 2000 exposures. Also I would like weather sealing and built in image stabilazation.
  8. When is fuji going to release hs-v5 software so we can shoot tethered. Also will ever be available for mac.
  9. I have been using a quantum t-2 flash for my last 30 or so weddings and have had no problems at all. I set the flash to f5.6 and ISO of 500, I set the xt-1 to ISO 400 and f5.6. I tilt the flash slightly upward and everything from 3 to 25 feet is exposed correctly.
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