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  1. Hi all, looking to take my 16-35 for a travel holiday and having been through two Fuji plastic lens hoods already I'm now looking for other options. Are there any good aftermarket metal lens hoods for this lens? Thanks
  2. Thanks for the replies, yes just purchased a 90mm and it does the same.
  3. Just bought a 90mm but honestly would sell it for the 80mm. I still use Canon and the 100mm is used 95% for macro beauty makeup shots. Did not fancy the 60mm due to not enough working distance with subjects.
  4. Hi all, bought a 16-55 lens and noticed that when off the camera and you turn it upside down or give it a little shake you hear a clunking noise as if something is loose inside, has anyone else experienced this? When mounted to camera and turned on the noise goes away. Thanks
  5. Bare in mind that the 35. 1.4 on an X-T1 does hunt allot without pre focus, I had the lens and sold it when I had my X-T1 as I found it very slow to focus. Year down the line I bought an X-Pro2 and decided with the latest firmware to give the 35 1.4 over the 2.0 a go and what an improvement wont be sending it back.
  6. I hope Godox jumping on the bandwagon forces Profoto to get their act together. Its been over two years since I purchased my Profoto gear and still no dedicated remote, unlike for Canon, Nikon and now Sony.
  7. Hi all, just purchased a X-T2 which has the latest firmware, is there any way to assign the ISO dial to the front of the camera to a dial. I'm sure this was something I read but maybe its for the X100F only? Any confirmations? Thankyou.
  8. Spoke to Camera World today who said they only received 26 units since launch and have sold out completely. Think I may just order from Wex or Jessops and await stock. Last piece of gear this year.
  9. Hi all, I'm planning to sell my X100T to fund an X-T2 but unsure if I should sell my WCL and TCL along with the X100T. How likely is it that Fuji will replace them with a updated version for the X100F when it arrives next year, which I plan to purchase? Should I hold on to them? Thanks Sorry if this is in the wrong section.
  10. Hi all thanks it'll be the 16-55, 10-24 and 23mm for the trip perhaps the X100T depending on where I plan to visit in KL. Any got any links to a blog etc of someone's recent visit for inspiration?
  11. Hi all, I'll be finally visiting Malaysia, KL and other places for an holiday. I'm unsure what gear to pack with me as its the first time I'm taking a long overdue break, previously I had always taken my Canon and 24-70 to India. I plan to travel light as possible but not sure two bodies or one with one or two zooms or take the primes. I'm unsure what to expect on this trip, anyone visited or reside there? I've got the following to pick from: Bodies: X100T X-T1 X-Pro2 Lens: 16mm 23mm 56mm 16-55 10-24 Sadly don't own any telephoto lens unless it's recommended that I should have one I may purchase. Thanks
  12. Hi Deva, any pics from the shoot you are willing to share?
  13. Hi Tom, thank you it was the Preview exposure that I was getting confused about I have assigned to a Fn button and works a treat. Thanks for the other tips too but as you said I already know Jas
  14. Hi all, I have purchased an X-Pro2 and would like to use it for studio shooting using strobes/flashes most likely with Profoto B1's and an Air Remote. I once read there are certain settings within Fuji cameras that may need activating/deactivating ie. preview exposure. Anyone have some good tips for studio settings, what are you using? Thanks
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