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  1. Anyone have samples of shooting portraits with the TCL? Looking for out of focus experience and sharpness. What has been your experience? Any examples would be fantastic. Thanks!
  2. Thanks... I also have an 8mm. Still thinking about bringing my gitzo traveler tripod 18-135, 27, 14 are all packed.
  3. I am thinking the 35 for inside shot in castles, churches, perhaps an off chance i will shoot at night. Also can double as a wider portrait lens of my wife on location.
  4. Kinda leaning that way too. I can alway toss in the pancake for my walk around the city for a bit of street shooting.
  5. H all, Headed ro London next week for a business trip. Will have one day of walking around and prob a couple of day trips out of the city. Will be shooting the xt1 Option 1: 27, 14, 56 Option 2: 18-135, 35/1.4 Thoughts suggestions
  6. Hi all from North Texas, USA... After selling my D300 & D700 and associated lenses - I picked up the X Pro 1, then the X-T1 - I really enjoy shooting with these Fuji's and the light weight is wonderful. Aside from the IQ and lens quality, I continue with the Fuji brand because they are not afraid to add new features to existing products rather than force me to buy new bodies. They get it - If I keep using the bodies, I will likely keep buying lenses which keeps me in the brand. I get upset though that Fuji keeps releasing lenses that I really want to buy Photography and Music are my creatative outlets and I'm on the quest to capture how I feel about a place on the sensor rather than just how it looks. Feel free to check out www.aChanceEncounter.com - most images from the last couple years are from the Fuji's.
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