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  1. i m looking to buy flashtriggers and recievers and im afraid i dont know all options... Im using some nikon sb900 but in future i would like to use some studiostrobes. Hss capability or something like that would be great... Any advice? Thx
  2. Hi! I did some longer exposures of a river with my big stopper. I noticed in darker areas some bright green pixels... Anyone may made same experience? Should i try to give it in repair or are some of that spots normal for the industry?
  3. Hi again! I think there was something wrong with my connection... The 3rd time i downloaded the file it worked! Thanks for your help!
  4. Hi, I need help...last time it worked, but this time sadly not... I formatted the card in the camera, copied the downloaded fw update file on the sd but when i try to install it it says no fw found on card... I checked again the sd and it was there...tried a few times, but always the same message... Anyone an idea what im doing wrong?
  5. Hi! Am i the only one who misses a landscape mode on the app?
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