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  1. That is indeed self-evident. I agree that we should not make sweeping statements without good evidence - and neither of us really have good evidence.
  2. Or possibly yours was from a good batch. There are enough posts out there on the topic of failing play button, rubber skin and thumb grip on this camera for me to know that I am a long way from being alone in this experience.
  3. I found a way to fix the issue: rotate the button back into position (turn it clockwise) using an X-acto knife. Then place a small square of duct tape over the button to hold it in place. The square must be large enough to stick to the button and some of the metal around it. You can still use the button through the tape, and the tape prevents it rotating back into the bad position. My X-T10 is out of warranty, and the thumb rest has fallen off, along with the rubber grip material on half of the camera, and this button failure. I haven't abused this camera - they are simply not built to a very high standard, I'm afraid. It still takes wonderful pictures, but I can't say I would recommend anyone buy one of these.
  4. I'd like to ask that people not flood the group with pleas for us not to do things they don't like. Doh! I just did it myself!
  5. I would heartily agree that AF-S and AF-L are two very different things. But I don't see why that means AF-L can't be used to lock the focus after a face-detection has occurred. So I still don't understand your point, I'm really not trying to oppress you, and I apologize for being unintelligent, but that's my burden I guess.
  6. Well, some good points there, although aside from the optional larger eyecup, the X-T1 you mention has all the same issues, so I don't think they can have done it to "push us" into buying that.
  7. It's not really logical, since when you half press the shutter and it detects a face, it still "locks" the focus if you are in AF-S mode. There's no logical reason why the AF-L button on the back shouldn't be allowed to do the same thing as the shutter button half-press in the case where face detection is on. But there we have it, it's a quirk you have to accommodate for, and one of a number of things that make face detection not worth using, at least for me.
  8. It seems like this sign changes color all the time anyway: https://www.google.com/search?q=Toronto+sign+Nathan+Phillips But if you really want it red, just fiddle with the color channels in Lightroom or Photoshop until it is red. You can doubtless do better than my hasty attempt.
  9. There you go. It's the fear of judgment like that. That's why they don't do it.
  10. If only this lens were able to cook me breakfast in the morning, I might think about buying it one day.
  11. There really don't seem to be any differences, other than minor ergonomic changes to the exterior.
  12. How about this: it's the year 2016. Is it too much to ask that I can upload third party film simulations to my camera? My guess is that privilege is at least 5 years away. And yet my cheap phone can have it today.
  13. This works fine if you are only shooting stationary subjects that are some distance from you. But if the subject may move, or you have a wide aperture and/or the subject is close to you, focus and recompose doesn't always produce sharply focused results.
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