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  1. I hope you enjoy your X-T20! I started down the Fuji path with the X100T, loved it so much, the following year I purchased the X-Pro2 and XF35mm f/2 lens. Since then I've purchased the XF16mm f/1.4, XF23mm f/2, and XF18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 lenses. I truly enjoy my Fuji kit, and will probably be getting more as time goes on. I live and work in Florida.
  2. My Fujifilm journey started with purchasing an X100T back in February 2015. I used that little camera over the year, and then purchased an X-Pro2 this year (received it on March 3rd). I generally use them for totally different things. The small size of the X100T makes it a natural for street photography, and other places where you don't want to draw much attention to yourself. The X-Pro2 will work in that capacity, but is quite a bit larger. I mainly use it for landscape and nature photography. So, to answer your original question... It all depends on what kind of photography you do. I find that having both gives me a lot of freedom to pursue different kinds of photography.
  3. Hard to say, your lens choice should reflect the photography you intend to do. I just got the X-Pro2 + XF35mm f/2 lens, and I'm loving it. I went for the f/2 over the f/1.4 based on comments in this forum, and video reviews of both lenses. So far I have not been disappointed. The 35mm f/2 is light, sharp, and fast. Like you, I intend to keep this lens on my X-Pro2 for the full year, and into 2017. I want to learn it well before purchasing another lens. Unlike you, I also own an X100T (in for repairs at the moment), which gives me a bit of an advantage. I mostly use the X100T for street photography, and am using the X-Pro2 for most everything else.
  4. I haven't experienced any of these issues with my X-Pro2. When it arrived, I un-boxed it, and immediately put the battery on the charger. Once it was fully charged, I put it in the camera. So far, so good.
  5. I totally agree with Andrew Brown. I'm totally an amateur, and fell for the Canon hoopla hook, line, and sinker, so I've got a 6D and 600D bodies and more than a few lenses (several "L" lenses), and while they take great pictures, the weight tends to wear me down, especially in the heat and humidity of the Florida summer. I purchased my X100T in February, and have really enjoyed learning and using it. I find myself reaching for it when we head out the door, because it is small and light and un-obtrusive. Also, it fits nicely in the glove compartment of either car I like it so much, I'm wanting to get the XPro-2 and a couple of prime lenses, when it comes out. I haven't decided if I'm going to keep or sell my Canon kit yet, I guess time will tell...
  6. I love the small size, light weight, and fantastic image quality of my X100T. I mostly use manual mode on my Canon DSLRs, with Aperture Priority being my second most used mode. With the X100T, I pretty much always shoot in Aperture Priority, and sometimes go full manual. The X100T is quite good at setting the proper shutter speed, with me using exposure compensation quite rarely.
  7. I "treated" myself to an X100T earlier this year, and I absolutely love it. I'm mainly a Canon shooter, with two bodies and more than a few lenses, but wanted something smaller and more un-obtrusive, yet with really good IQ. I read up on the X100 series, and got the X100T, and now I use it more often than either of my Canon bodies. I'm seriously considering getting an XPro-2 and a couple of prime lenses, when it comes out.
  8. X-Pro 2. I bought the X100T earlier this year, and love that little camera. Great IQ, fun to use, and always, always starts conversations.
  9. Hello all. I'm a computer nerd (since 1982), ham radio operator (licensed in September 1990), and budding photographer. I recently got back into photography (May 2013), and have been loving it. I'm mainly a Canon shooter (EOS 6D & Rebel T3i), but purchased a Fuji X100T back in February. Since then, I have mostly been using that cool little camera, and loving it. By the way, I got the X100T mainly because of the cool retro styling, but also because the weight of an EOS 6D + lens was beginning to take its toll on my back (ruptured disk in late 1997). I can carry the X100T around all day, and hardly know it is there, and the image quality is astounding. I'm seriously thinking about getting the X-Pro 2 + a couple of primes, when it is released. Howard
  10. Thanks for the clarification Aswald. I guess someone needs to let Amazon know they have the wrong item listed
  11. I shot this one this past weekend on the barrier island in Ormond Beach, FL. (X100T)
  12. I'm a Linux and Darktable user as well. I've been using Darktable for my Canon RAW files for about a year now, and have learned quite a bit about the package. I started using Darktable for Fuji, when I got my X100T in February. The only real issue I see is not having a white balance dropdown for Fuji RAW, like there is for Canon RAW. I am using pmjdebruijn's launchpad PPA, but am getting only the stable releases of Darktable. If any of you are using the unstable PPA, has the white balance dropdown been addressed? It's not a show stopper for me, I am careful about my white balance settings before a shoot, I was just wondering.
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