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  1. Yeah, much noise already at 800, so i really hope the coming successor would have at least 1" sensor and a new processor. And it's a plus if it is WR
  2. Yeah, I believe technically, some breakthrough is necessary for Fuji to keep up with good corner sharpness & low vignetting using sensor over 1" If Fuji decides to do so, I think this is possible since Panasonic has done this already with their LX 100 using large sensor and a really fast zoom. But atm, 1" without AA filter seems fine for me.
  3. I hope the coming X40 will have the following: - a sensor with at least 1", better an organic sensor - new zoom lens starting with 24mm better f/2 - with a better OVF, hybrid viewfinder - remain retro-style Then I believe it will definitely be a superb compact zoom what do you think?
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