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  1. Hi, there is 25% discount on any license (new or upgrade) of Capture One during PhotoKina. If you are interested, use voucher code AMBMKR_PROMO during purchase on Phase One website. Voucher is valid from Sep 19th to Sep 26th. In the spirit of full disclosure, as Phase One Ambassador I may get a commissions if you decide to purchase license using this voucher code.
  2. I use them in Capture One Pro 9 on OS X almost without problems (only small issue is that sometimes switching profile takes really long time, but my Mac is quite old and this problem occured in C1 8 too). Michal Krause
  3. It is better to place profiles into ~/Library/ColorSync/Profiles/ folder (you can add subfolder here for clarity – I use Cameras subfolder for example). If you copy them into Capture One application folder as suggested, they will be removed during application update probably. If you don't know, what is the proper filename for your camera, you can find its generic profile in mentioned folder Capture One/Contents/Frameworks/AppCore.framework/Resources/Profiles/Input. For Fuji X, these prefixes are used: FujiX100- FujiX100s- FujiX100T- FujiXA1- FujiXA2- FujiXE1- FujiXE2- FujiXF1- FujiXM1- FujiXPro1- FujiXQ1- FujiXT1- FujiXT10- So for example, if you want to make Provia profile visible for X100S in Capture One, rename FujiXT1-Provia sRGB.icc file to FujiX100s-Provia sRGB.icc. Best regards Michal Krause