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  1. sorry Mike - the XF90 is a 90mm lens - on a smaller sensor (APS-C) it shows the same angle of view as a 135mm @ FF To be honest - i never got the problem people have mixinbg up focal lenght/aperture and dof - 90mm stays 90mm, F2 stays F2 (dof is the very same) - just the image circle for FF has to be bigger than for FF. Back to the inital question: Why ist XF90 sooo big (is it really??): every optical design has several restrictions and the challange of lens design is to find the best compromise out of it - buget - volume - biggest lens diameter - availible manufacturing technology - glass selction - focussing system - weight - amount of lenses - number aspherical elements - form of aspheres (deviation from sphere) - machanical stability (e.g. lenses not to thin & heavy) - size image circle - all the optical parameters like vignetting/flat image and all the other zernike stuff - ... so Fuji decided to balance it in way the XF90 is made ... compare a Zuiko OM 2/85 to OM 2/90 or Zeiss Milvus 85/1.4 vs Zeiss Otus 85/1.4 vs Zeiss Planar 85/1.4
  2. As long as there is no digital OM4Ti - i had to choose Fuji-X. The XF56 on my X-E1 a nightmare (focussing) - OK on my X-E2. I learned a lot in last month about camera systems IMHO: 1- buy optics & find a camera that fits to it (Sonys A-Series is very nice - but what about optics, Contax the same but the other way around ...) 2- cure GAS and talk about pictures not gear 3- get used to look & see and not to argue 4- strongest argument for the digital workflow is neither speed nor price - but sensor sensitivity chears Tilman
  3. i use some vinatge lenses for Makro on my X-E2, in order of magintude (by price) - and to be honest - quality is all very fine - Zuikos with famous Makro Tubus BUT: all are designed for glassless sensor (analog film!) - and you will have the very same design issue with all lenses not designed for digital systems - ALL: (cheapest) Zuiko Makro 3,5/50 €45 Schneider Kreuznach Componon-S 2.8/50 (less than 30€ + 20€ for helicoid) Tamron SP 2.5/90 (next to my XF56 my best lens?) -> get that for APS-C digital .... 125€ Zuiko Makro 4/80 €200 Zuiko Makro 4,5/135 240€ Zuiko Makro 2/50 (THE DREAM ITSELF) -> even the Elmarit-R 2.8/60 wants to beat it ;o) 350€ (most expensive) Zuiko 2/50 is at eye-level with 50 cron but smaller, lighter and fits to OM4Ti ;o)
  4. i love this lens - even & especially wide open If you ask me: Decission point would be size & WR - price tag is not such a diffenence (same with XF23F2 vs XF23F1.4 With X-E2 focussing speed is fairly ok (I had to upgrade from X-E1 - there XF56 was useless due to accuracy & Speed)
  5. why that? Toit has (one out of the rare) autofocus ... my only concern would be the rubbermade focus ring ...
  6. IMHO: a pitty that cooperation between Hassi & Fuji has not been extended ... similar approach in many aspects. BTW: is it a rumor that the swedish guys got some hints wrt optic design by former partners?
  7. why are people mixing topics & systems to get the best "IQ"? If you made a 'perfect shot' (is there already one availible) - IQ is a tiny piece in a mosaic to a every great image. Using a OM 4.5/135 (THE standard in Macro Lenses) will only work on film - the Sonnar 2.8/85 is a fantasic lens (anybody with a C/Y body out there) If you can't cope with handling as it was thought by designer of camera system - what will be the use of a so called high-end-optic? Ever tried to do birding with a leica M or complained about AF accuracy in landscape? Do painters discuss about quality of there tools? They discuss about colors, composition, skills, setup ... Photographers tend to stick on technical data - which is only a single (maybe the tinyest) contribution to a great image. IMHO the complete setup defines the technical quality of an picture, battery failure, portability, haptics - and to be honest: Does an audiance discuss about pixels or about the 10 (or any other amount of aspects) criterias that make a picture to an unforgettible image
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