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  1. Thank you for the thoughtful feedback based on real-world use! Much appreciated.
  2. A couple good reviews with images. Note the first one has a link to his social media with more images. https://www.bryanminear.com/dreamer-laowa-17mm/ https://jonasraskphotography.com/2019/07/31/laowa-17mm-f-4-gfx-review/
  3. So excited this lens is finally coming out! Looks to be available for preorder from B&H and it looks like it can be ordered from Laowa direct. Not sure if anyone has one yet. If so, I would love to see your results!
  4. Where is the GFX 100? Not that I have it (yet?), but still.... Started with the Xpro1 with the 35/1.4. Loved the lens so much it took me a while to get a second lens, but I eventually did. And then I got a few more and the Xpro2, as one does I rented a GFX 50s with the 32-64 for a weekend and lined up a bunch of studio sessions, which was fabulous. Got the GFX 50r when it came out. Sold off almost all my X gear, keeping only the Xpro2 and a few lenses, to fund the 110mm/2. I was surprised to find that I just keep using the GFX instead of the Xpro2, despite the size and weight. I often think, I could just bring a smaller and lighter camera. But the files are so great that I keep deciding it is worth lugging the heavier bag
  5. I have seen lots of great work from the 250mm with and without the 1.4x teleconverter. The facebook page has many positive posts about this lens.
  6. Laowa 17mm f4 Zero-D with native GFX mount is available for preorder, expected availability is mid-August. This is the rectilinear lens mentioned above with a 113-degree field of view.
  7. True, but the Graflex 4x5 weighs less than the GFX 50s and lens. I have one. The lens is quite simple and incredibly light weight, even including the lens board it is mounted on. I have the 50r and do not consider it an unreasonable street camera, although I understand that some would prefer a smaller camera. This instagram account has almost exclusively pictures of people I didn't know (at least before I asked to take their picture) using the GFX 50r. So far they are with the 63mm and 32-64mm (There are a couple images taken with an adapted lens, but they say as much in the description). https://www.instagram.com/p/BvK1ZWKg7Mb/
  8. It is interesting that the 8mm is for APSC but gives a full circle on FF and GFX. The Samyang/rokinon/etc 12mm fishheye is designed for FF and would be very interesting to try on the GFX! They are both stereoscopic projection, and surprisingly high quality for the price. The projection is much more useful (a bit less fishy) for general use.
  9. Just copy text and paste in google translate...
  10. Cambo Actus GFX is much handier than a typical view camera and might be a viable option.
  11. If the program is able to use the camera engine to process the files into 16-bit TIFF files, I will be ecstatic! Fuji does seem to know best how to process their own files for optimum results. The only issue so far is that if you want to do significant post processing, you will want access to 16bit data. If Fuji supports this, it will be a huge step forward. Imagine getting the benefits of Fuji's understanding of images (very deep from decades producing lenses, cameras and film even before there was digital), combined with the well-developed film simulations while still maintaining the full bit-depth captured by the camera.
  12. This is the lens. It has distortion. You need to apply correction. Adobe is correcting the lens flaw automagically. C1 has a lens correction feature and if it isn't built in, you can put it in yourself. In any case, it seems the statements above that C1 doesn't work with the Xpro2 are just mistaken.
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