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  1. Some great shots. Feel they could have been improved upon with maybe the optional Canon 1Dx2, a carbon tripod and selection of top end L class glass :-D (Or the Nikon equivalent). Seriously though, you comfortably prove the point as to why you only need something like a X-100T for trips like that. Not all shots are those that would appeal to me - but they demonstrate the ability of the camera and its user ;-)
  2. Blimey - this is well beyond what I do with any camera. The pictures always seem to achieve what I want within the confines of a 23mm lens. I hope the tests provide results you're happy with. The Fuji glass has always been the best I've ever used, including a range of Canon L stuff and Macro lenses.
  3. simple answer... Do you want to take photos now? Or is the activity of taking photos something you are thinking about? The X100T is out now. It is a proven camera - you can carry it around in your pocket pretty much all of the time and it takes great pictures. If you do want to wait of the latest model - pre-order and X-Pro 2 with a 23mm f1.4 NOW and you can wait until it is available to deliver :-)
  4. You point is valid to a degree. Just because I say "street photographers want redundancy as well" - I suppose for me, that is generally how i refer to the way I use my camera. truth be told, I enjoy cycling (love Suffolk and north Essex) and always carry a camera with me, because some on the views are stunning. On such trips I also carry a very compact tripod with cable release and a Lee Filter kit for those moments you want to record or images you want to create. With such trips - it would be nice to have that redundancy, because often the views will not repeat themselves in a hurry, and having that extra card covers the various issues that can go awry whilst out cycling. Through all my digital photography, the only 2 things I've never had the pleasure of a decent A/F and dual memory card for redundancy. I have had a couple of card failures, hence my desire, and I've always used either Canon 5D2's (crap A/F) or the X-Pro 1 (A/F good under certain conditions). The X100T has certainly given me what I desire (or at least a huge improvement) with A/F - so it only leaves me to wish for a dual memory card slot. As people come to appreciate the importance of digital dat, I suspect many more will also desire dal memory card facilities as well. Easier than trying to hook up to cloud data via a smart phone - for now.
  5. Given the X-Pro 2 has dual card facilities - I would also like that on the X100 whatever... At nearly £900, I think that's a fair request! Street photographers want to make sure they have redundancy as well!
  6. it didn't on the old SLR style 35 mm bodies - why should it now?
  7. i believe it has an increased area covered by focus points - hence the increased number of focus points... Haven't done an in depth look yet, but it certainly has had some serious under the bonnet updates - whilst trying to remain true to the original...
  8. So we finally have a definite date for the release of the X-Pro 2 and already people are condemning it. I'll bet after all this it's gonna be nothing more than a bloody camera with video facilities. No facility to beam you across the world. No AI that tells you how to now p off a woman. No ability to foretell the future to within 5 seconds of the designated time. Just a bloody camera, you know, one of those things that takes pictures and the odd video clip! I mean - sh*t... What were Fuji thinking about?
  9. The simple answer is "what do you want your camera for?" I am currently using an X 100T and the reason for that is simple... I want something I can carry around in my pocket and use under almost any condition. It's not perfect, but it's doing a pretty good job. It saves me having to own an carry around a multiple of bodies and lenses. I'm not saying I will not own a camera with interchangeable lenses again - but I wold do so along WITH my X 100T or successor and not instead of.
  10. I think you should be well pleased with them - especially the 2nd and 3rd images gained from 'panning'. Just proves the old adage - it's not the camera that makes a great shot, it's the person using it that does!
  11. I think this will definitely suit me for the summer time when I look at adding a second camera to my kit. The X-100T is most definitely a go every where camera with me - but sometimes I just want a little bit extra. Of course it will also need a lens but in this case will probably go for a zoom. So waiting will give me time to see that it will fulfil my needs and also work out which lens combination I need to go with it.
  12. Back to CaNikon it is then! I don't have a Fuji X for the buttons on the back. I have it so I can select aperture via the lens barrel just like I did in the good old days of film. The days when you had three separate dials for aperture, shutter speed and ASA/ISO. But then, you didn't change ASA/ISO from shot to shot - only from roll of film to roll of film. And focusing was done manually - ahh them's were the days :-) Of course, now I'm spoiled with 47 AF points I can select at the touch of a button if I can't be bothered with manual focusing. TBH - you own a Fuji X because you do not enjoy working with the CaNikon way of doing things... So I wish you well with your new brand of kit - expect your pictures will be of the same quality they are now - just with a different name on the front of the camera!
  13. could some one start a countdown clock to the almost certain official announcement of an almost certain to appear X-Pro 2?
  14. Looking at those specs as shown by Magnum - it seems that the 24mp has come at a cost. But then, assuming those leaked specs are true- are they ALL of the specs? There is much to like about that camera going by those specs alone and I could easily see an enormous take up of such a body. However, I'm still learning how ot master the X100T so it will be at least Xmas 2016 before I consider such a purchase...
  15. So we have the alleged pictures from an X-Pro2 taken during the Paris attrocities - why no further discussion on here about this mythical camera? Or have those pictures been debunked as fake?
  16. Firmware upgrade to be checked as well, thanks. Regards reading the manual - let's be honest here - the beginners booklet isn't much cop - and I don't really enjoy having to spend an hour having a good read of some PDF before I want to use the camera just to be sure I know how to use the feature before I take the caemra out. The X-Pro 1 came with a lovely paper based manual that I took every where when I was learning to use it - and the X-100T is clearly a far more powerful and sophisticated camera by comparison, so it would seem to me to be the wrong time to take away the carry around manual. I fully accept I have a long way to go to master this camera, and need to undertake some reading and experimenting to do that, but just wish there was an option to activate the flash tht was as easy as adjusting the shutter or aperture :-(
  17. That may be the cause of my problem - having it set to the wrong shutter setting. Really need to get me a decent book explaining all aspects of this camera in depth. Makes the X-Pro 1 look simple by comparison...
  18. Fuji have linked up with Google - which means your cameras wifi will work superbly every time. It also means your pics will be geotagged by Google Maps, added to the Google web image search system to see if you've taken a similar picture to one already copyrighted so Google can auto delete the image, and finally allow Google to cache all the information to their "non intrusive" world of data gathering in readiness for the day when they are ready to dominate the world! Or, more ludicrously Fuji might have actually found a way to make their algorithms work with Adobe products!
  19. Recently attended a 40th wedding anniversary where the X-100T ISO 6400 setting excelled - whilst all those around were busy working out what flash to use. I could plug the virtues of the X-100T over the many other cameras being used - but then you alrready know that because you have one and love it! But towards the end of the night I thought "what the heck, let's give the flash a run out..." Then I realised that the flash controls on the X-100T are clearly designed to encourage you to use hugh ISO, because trudging through a selection of menus to activate and use the flash is not my idea of simplicity or functionality. Then, when I did find the sertgings in the menu, the important option to activate the flash was geyed out! Why? What setting had I customised that could possibly isolate the functionaliry of the flash facility? I would say answers on a postcard please - but I'm one of those that learns by solving the problem, so I suppose my real issue in this thread is: Why have Fuji made the flash system so hard to fiund and use? Surely after Aprture, Shutter and ISO, flash should be the next most important setting (I exclude review and delete options as they fit into the same category as an on/off switch for me in digital)? Not buried deep in some sub menu of a sub menu! So, I've finally found something I dislike about the X-100T that I think should be sorted in the next versionof this model!
  20. The majority of Fuji X users are those who do not want the build of Geoff Capes at his fittest to lug around and hold the camera. The majority of Fuji X users are those who njoy using an aperture ring (as was the norm in the days of film) The majority of Fuji X users are those who do not see why they should have to sell both kidneys for a few bodies and half a dozen lenses. The majority of Fuji X users are those who do actually enjoy photography for photographies sake - not as a means of earning a fortune or becoming super famous... There endeth my 2 penneth worth. As for the X-Pro 2, well at this moment in time it has missed its moment as a result of me getting a 100T
  21. I am now trying to get the wireless stuff to work with my iPhone or iPad - with very little joy thus far. But then, I'm struggling to master the flash on this camera - like how to make it work at the selection from the Q menu - back to the PDF manual me thinks :-(
  22. Some one had to post it - so I thought I would... Just seen the prototype of Canons 200mp SLR - ok it had a beast of a lens attached to it so you could read the text off a plane 11 miles away - but none the less, it has to be asked! If Canon released an SLR with a 200mp sensor - how many Fuji users would actually be inerested? This is not a right or wrong question - just a a discussion piece...
  23. Lovely set of images to suport the thread title... Surely as fine an example as you need to explain WHY people should move over to thw 'less is more' filed of photography For the record, my enite kit now consists of an X-100T, old style cable release, very compact Manfrotto tripod and a Lee Seven5 filter kti with ND10 filter. The camera goes every where, when I'm feeling adventurous, I take out the tripod which is housed in a bag that can hold the camera, cable release and filter kit - and could look like I was carrying a foot long Subway roll! On those days - my pockets whinge like hell at not being used properly...
  24. My type of photographer - hence I now walk around with an X-100T in my pocket or bag!
  25. I have to be honest and say that such a device appeals to me, purely because I do not want something else to create a further drain on my iPhone batteries. It would be easier to make if it just had a wifi connect to an SDHC card writer which would allow you to swap out cards as one gets full. But then, I suppose it would just make more sense to add a dual card slot to the camera and take twice as many cards with a nice water and fire proof SD card holder that you could put in your pocket. So in consideration - no Ido not want one of these - I just wnat Fuji to add a second card slot - if you're reading and following this site and thread Fuji...
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