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  1. I only have freeze problems in my X-T2 if i use the Lexar 1000X 64 GB "UHS-II" card , every time i use it the camera freezes , so i change for my old thrust SanDisk UHS-I Extreme Pro 95mb/s card and no issues for the last 3 weeks , no more freezes . So I´m using the Lexar 1000X 64 GB "UHS-II" card on the X-T1 and had no freezes too , so I´m think is a problem with this Lexar 1000X on the X-T2.
  2. Nissin i60a is suposed to work in TTL with X-T2 , anyone can confirm that?
  3. HI, I need to buy a Flash but it has to work the TTL with the X-T2, in another group of facebook someone told me that the Metz 44 af-2 works with TTL with the X-T2 , someone had another experience with others flash that the TTL works with the X-T2 ?
  4. Testing the new X-T2 with the 56mm f/1.2 , I really like this litlle beast
  5. Hi, very nice pictures, what AF-C mode do you use for capture the cars ?
  6. cssil2000

    Dead love

    Hi, This is my last work called "Dead love", it was based on a portuguese poem that talks about love. For the shoots i used the X-T1 and 18-55mm f/2.8-4 , and neon make up with UV light . More of my work on my site http://www.cristianosilvaphoto.com/
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