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  1. carylee2002

    Recommandation for a >85mm landscape lens

    I use besides my existing Fujifilm glass, Takumar vintage lenses like my Pentax Auto Takumar 55mm f2.8 and Super Takumar 105mm f2.8 lenses. Both are M42 and the results are very nice and both are not radioactive lenses.
  2. carylee2002

    Looking for a lens to get 'real' 35mm

    I use a voigtlander 21mm Skopar F4 and have found that is inexpensive, light and very good in its optics when using the fuji adapter.
  3. Im in the process of getting a hold of old Speed Graphic and mount a petzval lens to get the effect for medium format and 4x5. But after doing some research for use of fuji cameras i would rather mount a helios 44-2 lens to get the swirly effect at a fraction of the price.