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    Hi, I need to go to 600mm for a trip coming up. I use a XT-4. Options? 1.4x on the 100-400? 2x on the 200? or ?? Thanks, Warren
  2. rvhout, Yes, it was fixed under warranty.
  3. As lenses now have a significant amount of wires, chips and motors, WR is not a bad idea. It does not affect my choice to purchase or not, but I appreciate the extra steps the manufacturer is making to help prevent an issue with my lens and their hard work. Warren
  4. We've rented a house in Bryson City, NC for the upcoming solar eclipse. I was going to use my X-T2's to photograph it. The start of my plan is the 16-55 set on timer to record the entire transition, and a longer lens to capture the sun. Question 1. I've read conflicting reports about using a mirrorless camera for capturing a solar eclipse. Some say it's ok, others that I'd burn out the sensor. I have the proper solar filters for both lenses. Anyone have any experience with this? Question 2. Any thought on the settings to use on the intervalometer to capture the moon crossing over the sun? This kind of thing https://www.cnet.com/pictures/amazing-photos-of-solar-eclipses/18/ Question 3. General settings to use on the telephoto? (choice of 50-150, 100-400 1.4x, 2x) I promise not to like my own post. Thanks ! Warren
  5. Kimball, I didn't take any of the comments as a personal affront. It's just the wild west that is the internet. Enjoy the day, Warren
  6. Here's my reasoning to get the camera repaired, rather than replaced by the shop I purchased it in, or just claim it on my insurance. Yes, there are a number of assumptions in my thinking... Returning it would have resulted in a non-fuji specialist looking at the camera and deciding what to do about it. Then, it could have been repaired by someone with a screwdriver and returned. Meh...If I had a big problem later on is my warranty still good via Fuji? Claiming it under insurance, not necessary until I saw what Fuji would do... So, when I bought the camera, it had come off an assembly line. While the camera had been run through checks, it was one of many, with quotas to inspect each day. How much personal time would have spent with the camera? What range of specs was acceptable? What I have now is camera that was repaired by replacing the top piece. Not really an intense tear down. The camera was also gone over by 1 technician, from head to toe to insure all functions are as they should be. The camera was cleaned top to bottom, and the firmware was updated. All in about a week with no muss or fuss... It also shows me the commitment Fuji has to me, the consumer, so, it is a big win for them as well. Also, the camera is mine. The repair is part of the history of the camera. Not necessarily a bad part of the history. The repairs were done painlessly. I'm not sure how any other options would have played out. I realize that is kinda weird, but I get an attachment to some things. I had to wait quite a while to get the chrome edition. I had to save to purchase it. What I have now is my camera that has been had inspected and adjusted by a Fuji technician.
  7. So, The camera arrived last night, back from Fuji in Edison. They were brilliant. I called after I had seen that the camera had arrived, via UPS (Thurs). They explained the process and gave me a tracking number. I was told that I could call any time, that they understood separation anxiety. I called on Tuesday to see what the status was, and was told it was at the repair desk as we spoke. Wondered about timing, going to see my mom and would like the camera for the visit. Thursday afternoon it arrived back home. Top plate was replaced, camera cleaned inside and out. The firmware was updated. All my settings were reset, but, I have them written down and can get them all sorted out in a few minutes.
  8. Spoke to Fuji repair in Edison, NJ. Camera has arrived. The woman answering the phone was super cool. Gave me a reference number and told me that I could call anytime and that she understood the separation anxiety...
  9. I don't have a shutter button on the camera. I do have one on my x100f and love it. I've done some research and have come across a few times that the shutter button might be to blame for losing the mechanism. A very few...
  10. XT-2. Had it a few weeks. Used it this afternoon. Put it back into my LowePro backpack. Got home. Noticed the shutter button was gone! And the surrounding on/off switch. This is my 7th camera of the FujiX system and never had an issue. I'm still traveling ( have an X100F with me ). Has this happened to anyone else? I'll call Fuji customer service when I get home in a few days. I'm sure I'll have to send it in...
  11. I was/am a prime shooter as well, however... I seem to be spending a lot of time in Iceland. On those trips I have a small Ona bag with a x100f and a few filters for around town...in my ThinkTank backpack I have an xPro2, with the 10-24 lens, the XT2 with the 50-150 and a 2x convertor...a set of Lee seven5 filters, a tripod and a Syrp time lapse, panorama thingy...Also the 35f2, for the Syrp... I have a trip to the North Pole coming up and I'll add the 100-400 on another XT2 body... A convenient day set up is an XT2 with the 18-135 lens... This is what currently works for me. It's a light set, easy to carry and produces nice images. I have a rider on my Home Owners insurance to cover all the gear if it's stolen... But, let's talk about safety...If you think an area is dangerous, don't go there...also, situation awareness. Look around you. Follow your common sense...As a street photographer, you are probably already scanning for images...scan for things that stand out as well...things that are out of place... When I took my Concealed and Carry class we were required to go into a Big Box store, that starts with a W, and pay attention . The idea was to avoid a hazardous situation...Know the exits...notice the guy with the long coat in the summer and clear out of the aisle he is in, etc...It was a very valuable exercise in situational awareness and might be a useful way to spend an hour or so...
  12. I'd like to see the GFX use the same 126 batteries, even if 2 are required. A 2x convertor on the lens map would be nice too. Weather Sealed $6500 would be super nice too... What's on your list ? Warren
  13. Real life battery experience: Photographing a yoga festival, XT-2 w/Battery Grip, all 3 new, full charged "S" batteries, Fuji 50-140mm lens, Continuous focus, Continuous-Low on the drive, Vibration Reduction on, JPEG, Vivid, back up to slot2, a medium amount of chimping...I did not go into the menu... 4hours, 700 images...then the battery light went red...No complaints from me. I had a set of the older 126 batteries as back up and did not need them... As stated earlier, changing batteries takes just a moment, way less time than changing a roll of film, and less to carry...
  14. Absolutely stunning...Suggestion: on the 2nd image, I think that Ganesh's eye should are the focal point, not his knee...I'd also like to see something in the image to give a sense of scale, is this the size of a letter opener or a broad sword?? Warren
  15. I have 6 trips to Iceland, always in the winter, over the last 2 years. I've been out in the rain, and, last February, my first white-out blizzard. I shoot with a Fuji XPro-2 and an XT-2, a recent upgrade from the XT-1. On the XT-2 I have the 50-140, and on the XPro-2 the 10-24, or, my Aurora lens, the 12mm Samyang. I have a medium "lens coat" as well as a small lens coat and they work wonders. As an added bonus I put a skylight filter on front of the lenses (not normally on) and also use a rubber band, in addition to the cinch cord on the lens coat. I've used the same setup on in humid, rainy Mexico and it worked well too... I do suggest practicing putting them on, while holding them as well as when using a tripod.
  16. Great pictures !! Looks like an amazing trip... Warren
  17. I just tried my shutter release from my XPro-2 and it fit on the XT-2 Warren
  18. Out of curiosity, what are you going to set it to? I've been mulling that about for a few days... Warren
  19. I take quite a few memory cards. I have 16gb up to 64gb, SanDisk and Lexar, with 2 128gb as well. Some I've have for quite a while. The 16's are getting replaced as 32gb go on sale... I shot with the XT-2 and the XPro-2. A 128gb card is in slot 2, and the cameras are set for Raw/Jpeg. The Raw card gets removed each day, and locked. I'll load it into LR if I'm traveling with a Laptop, and back it up to an external drive. The images are also backed up, if I had internet connection, to my Google drive. The cards are then stored, face down in a Think Tank Card holder (forgot its' name). The 128gb card only gets swapped out if it's full. I do not format any cards until I get home.
  20. Lightroom works...It's not perfect, but the ability to catalog, use presets, shift into Photoshop etc makes it work for me. I dig LR mobile. I've been an Adobe user for decades. I know how to get the image that I'm looking for...and I'm not sure how I'd change systems with 4tb of images... Warren
  21. So, realistically, I'm getting the equivalent of 9 rolls of 36 exposure film out of one battery, on the XT-2, the size of 1 roll of 35mm film. I'm pretty sure on a "normal" street photography day I never shot 9 rolls of film. Doesn't seem that big an issue. Carry an extra battery. Still way less than I carried shooting film. Thinking about it, the issue might be we're shooting too many pictures. I'm certainly guilty of that. Just got back from a trip and on a ferry ride I must have 40 images of a mountain we were passing. 39 of those will be deleted. Not sure if the one I keep is necessary either. It wasn't a very interesting mountain. What I did consider is that, looking at the collection of dull mountain images is, in some aspect, digital has made me lazy. I just motored off mountain images, rather than consider what I was actual looking at. My 64Gb card holds so many images that taking a "few extra" images doesn't matter. With a roll of 36, I would have one mountain image, if any at all... Warren
  22. Long time follower, Figured it's time to introduce myself. Traded my Nikon for Fuji when the XT-1 came and have not looked back... I currently own way to much of the Fuji X system and I'm good with it...Got my first camera when I was 14 (1976). Pentax Spotmatic. Had a darkroom as a kid, etc...Medium format, Large format (Which I miss terribly). Pretty stoked about the Medium format Fuji in 2017. I figure I can sell my left kidney for it... I do primarily travel and landscape photography so I appreciate the light weight system. I also enjoy street photography. Fuji's "Kaizen" commitment to it's customers impresses me as well...I took the XT-1 through a blizzard in Iceland last year, with the 14mm lens, with no issues...I like sturdy gear... Mac user... I'm on Instagram at WarrenHenryLewis and have the website www.warrenhenrylewis.com... If anyone else in NC wants to get together to shoot, let me know. I own a restaurant and am usually available for Sundays or Mondays. I'm not far from the coast, the mountains or Raleigh. Warren
  23. I use Black Rapid sling straps and my tripod is an Arca-Swiss mount. Black Rapid makes a plate that screws into the tripod mounting hole on the base of the camera, or in this case the base of the lens foot...I've attached the plate to the foot of the lens and, there is a loop on the plate to attach the strap...the camera rides hip level and balances nicely...the bottom of the place has a ring, where the strap attaches...remove the strap and the ring tucked out of the way to mount the camera to a tripod. It's a faily elegant solution. I've used it various conditions, blizzard to sweating heat without an issue.
  24. Mine shipped as I was leaving for Iceland. I keep on telling myself that I want to get comfortable with the camera before I travel with it. I don't believe that either. I'd unpack it on the plane if I could.
  25. I ordered mine a few minutes after the official release through B&H...I'm certain that it will arrive the day after I leave for a week in Iceland...Curious about the offer for the battery grip at half off...I have not heard of the offer before and am wondering if it would be applied to orders already placed...
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