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  1. Not likely, we are talking about raw images here.
  2. Oh damn, that looks bad. I'll check my copy of XF 16/1.4 when I get back home. I've made a test shot against the sun to simulate similar conditions while the sun is still up, but I realised I have left my memory card reader at home. Edit: It's not perfect, but much better. And can be easily corrected in post (well, in ACR at least, because somehow purple defringing in Capture One doesn't work at all).
  3. Please add XF 23/1.4 to this equation.
  4. You can still wear EU43 shoes on your EU41 feet. Try the other way round...
  5. Firstly, you should consider how often you shoot in low light situations with no flash. If you shoot a lot indoors - I would recommend XF 35/1.4 (for faster shutter, not shallower DoF) instead of XF 35/2. Otherwise I would choose XF 27/2.8. It's really cheap (180-190 EUR or so) second-hand and you can't go wrong with this lens. It is usually better to crop for narrower FoV than to stitch two photos.
  6. There is absolutely nothing strange here! I prefer shooting X-E1 (yes, the sluggish one) over X-T1. I believe with X-E2 it's even more fun. It just sticks to the hand right away and has all the buttons and viewfinder in right places.
  7. Try XF 35/1.4 (1 stop makes a difference in low light and I don't mean DoF) and XF 27/2.8. Both lenses rather cheap second hand.
  8. I had some trouble, don't really know what was the cause. Anyway, please check your path where you put your profiles, for Windows 7 x64 it should be something like that: C:\Program Files\Phase One\Capture One 9\Color Profiles\DSLR Please check if you have additional files with filenames starting with "._" and of much smaller size (less then 1 KB). For example I had: FujiXT1-Pro Neg Standard sRGB.icc (457 kB) And an additional file: ._FujiXT1-Pro Neg Standard sRGB.icc (496 I'm not sure where it came from, I've probably copied it from previously used CaptureOne 8 version. If you have these files starting with "._" - please delete them.
  9. In-camera jpeg settings affect histogram observed on LCD screen of your camera only. Lightroom/ACR develops raw image differently.
  10. My X-T1 also "sparkles", but it is completely natural. As others said before - it's noise. With lens cap on it doesn't even matter what ISO I set. Maybe with your camera noise level is higher then expected, but it is difficult to say without real life comparison. My camera LCD screen seems darker and not so bluish (rather violet/purple).
  11. AFAIK clipping warning occurs when image developed from raw image (not necessarily raw image itself!) doesn't fit in histogram. Probably you can see some detail because only one or two of RGB channels reach 255 limit.
  12. Do you, by any chance, have profiles that work with C1 Pro 9?
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