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  1. USB Type C charging and IBIS, and I'm sold
  2. Where did they say this? I do think it's pretty pathetic though that Phase doesn't believe in their own system to sell well enough without locking out other systems. Says a lot about how they perceive their own devices (not well).
  3. keylight

    Type C

    Putting this out there in the hope that Fuji might be able to scrap the USB type b that's currently in the beta versions of the camera and use USB Type C. Every single phone now uses type c Almost every laptop released now used type c The new macbook pros are about to come out with only type c more and more hard drives are coming with type c it's a significantly more secure port in terms of tethering Let's face it, older type B ports are already outdated and awful to use While we're at it, let's get Type C on the X100F and XT20 also
  4. Honestly a mini top screen with finger dials is much more efficient than the classic fuji dials. I totally understand why people love them, and I'm glad fuji has provided options for both. From what I've read you can configure the dials to adjust whatever settings you want, which is also great.
  5. keylight

    GFX video

    I think it's 1080 30p Little bit disappointing we're not seeing xt2 video features
  6. Thanks for the video. Very interesting. I also heard a rumour floating around that Fuji were going to release a full on video camera under $8k. Which would show a definite dedication to video.
  7. I'm sorry but I'm not looking for a shitty cam corder. Look back at the 5D2. That camera started a massive movement for canon, because it offered full HD video on a FF sensor. Then Canon and Sony expanded into video lines from the A6300 which has SLOG, 4k, etc to their more expensive film only cameras. And that's what Fuji (and Nikon) need to do. Expand into higher end video equipment, and bringing along their a6300 equivalent models with top end features as well.
  8. I just want to say - if Fuji put the video features from the xt2 in here - this thing would sell millions
  9. Just because you don't want or need a feature doesn't mean you have to try hold it back advancements for everyone else. I mean I don't need TTL, or face tracking, weather sealing, GPS, Auto modes, exposure comp.. but I realize these advancements are useful for others and don't take away from parts that I use
  10. First off the context I'm coming from is as a fashion, and commercial photographer who shoots with Nikon. I've been playing with Fujis for the last couple of years, and been following developments very closely, but haven't invested yet. I'd also like to add that I'm looking for camera systems that have strong options for photo and video. I'm not interested in buying a dedicated video camera as I'd just rent out a RED or similar when budget allows. Anyone who works in the commercial photography scene will know that video is creeping in to the field quite fast. It's becoming a necessity to expand your skill base, and photographers are expected to direct video, and stills on one day. Now after a long history of a single-minded focus on stills (which I fully appreciate), with the X T2 Fuji has proven that it can develop a camera with strong video capabilities. 4k from oversampled footage, and F-LOG. This is important because as photographer have to take on extra responsibilities, so does their gear. Currently Nikon video game is lacking. Sony has the A7r range for photos and the A7s range for video. Micro 4/3 has Olympus for photos, and Panasonic for video. Canon has DSLRs for photos, and a whole other video department (their DSLRs are about equal for video as Nikon) Part of the reason Sony, and Panasonic are doing so well for video is Price, and Weight. If you're using a Gimbal, or a lot of other equipment, weight becomes very important. I'm currently not interested in investing in Sony as it provides no benifits over Nikon in my opinion. I've shot with top end Olympus before and I'm not really a fan. This is what Fuji would need to create a very strong mirrorless that could compliment their photo based lineup, and strongly compete with other video centric cameras. HDMI out, while recording to SD card (for external monitor) In camera features like focus peaking, LUTs, etc Fully articulating screen Good sound input & Headphone port A zoom lens with great continuous video autofocus (maybe this is for firmware or in camera autofocus) 4k, 60fps (2k 60fps would be fine) High bit rate recording A phone app that can be used as external monitor with controls, focus peaking, LUTs, etc would be amazing. (this saving costs of external monitor would be instant buy for me)
  11. If it came with an updated body desgn like the xpro2 it would probably be worth it
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