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  1. Does this qualify as a Silhouette ?
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    what it says on the tin
  3. Hi Maurice, If l give you a little background to the image, it might assist you. The image is very much a grab shot, as at the time l was on public transport (moving ), and therefore l was constricted with what l could achieve. Having seen the developing image l felt it warranted being captured, but there was a problem, and a big one at that. It's shot through smudged and filthy glass. Believe me, what you see now is a distinct improvement on what came out of the camera. However as l liked the image, and the potential story about to unfold, l thought it worth persevering with - after all not ever image has to be perfect to have some merit (well at least to my eyes anyway). I will politely refuse your offer of a swap for your Canon regards ... philip
  4. X-T1 56mm f8 : title - Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the ......
  5. 35mm 1/100th f4 !S) 2000 X-T1 : title - And the World passes him by
  6. Hi all - my name is philip, and have been into photography seriously for the about the last fifteen years. Switched to Fuji gear from Leica M about twelve months ago, and have not regretted it for one minute - Bank Manager also very pleased with the decision. Shoot with the X-T1, 23mm 35mm 56mm 10-24mm and 55-200mm and over the last few months have tended to drift more and more towards B&W. Will probably take a long look at the 90mm when it hits the street. Just in awe of the way Fuji look after us shooters with the constant upgrades via firmware.
  7. XF 55-200mm : @ 200mm 1/240th f5.6 ISO 200
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