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  1. I made a morning session with the 56 in Tel-Aviv to test how limiting it would be for street photography. While not as wide to capture complete scenes, it offered very interesting views on isolated areas. You can check the link here (in the street photography forum): http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/1022-56-doing-tel-aviv/ YC
  2. The 56 is not the first lens you pick up for street photography, but i sometime like to force myself into creating within limitations, as i often get unexpected results. Anyway, here's a morning session in Tel-aviv using only the 56: Enjoy YC https://goo.gl/photos/UR7dJM8i5YbH5jYRA
  3. I work as a UX designer. I have to disagree with that claim. There are always better ways to do things, but it takes time, feedback and experience. That is why we have updates and versions. The assumption that more options equal more complexity is true to a degree and depends a lot on the design and architecture of the system. In this particular case, the use of physical dials is a disadvantage for implementing quick functions that have dependencies on the dials settings. Take the shutter speed issue that received a new implementation in FW4. That was an experience issue that got solved by implementing a dial override option. A few months ago, if someone would have complained about this, he would probably get comments to either "don't use" that feature or "thank fuji for giving you that option". And yet, Fuji came up with a solution that make the experience better. I'm sure there are ways to ease some of the complication that came with the new AF features and one can start by giving clear indications on screen that some things don't work in the current camera settings. I also think its good to let Fuji know about things we think can be improved (sound off-off = on) and don't assume every implementation is the best one. There is always the next version... , or camera :-) Cheers. YC
  4. Lensmate thumbrest is great and it actually takes some load of the front fingers as they need a less tight grip. The position of the thumbrest makes for a slightly higher position for the hand holding the camera and that also allow the little finger to rest on the front grip as well. Quality is also top notch and the silicon rest areas are very helpful. http://www.lensmateonline.com/store/fujifilm_x-t1_thumbrest.php I'm Highly satisfied with it.
  5. I'm actually working in a similar way and i know its not such a big deal.. IF you are fully aware of what work with what and in what efficiency. One new thing FW4 introduced is a partially working feature - the same function works in different combination BUT not as efficient. Not all of it is even documented and many of us are learning this through forums, blogs and 3rd party books. Efficiency of a function is not something a common consumer should be aware of. A function should either work or not, and if something doesn't work it should be clearly indicated or not be enabled at all. The current situation in the X-T1 AF is that its not visibly clear if the camera settings is optimised to what the user wants to do and as you can clearly see in this forum, we need a thread to inform users of what works and what doesn't. So, my only point is that the user experience can be better. Thanks. YC
  6. x-tc, thank you for understanding my point :-) Adding features is not the same as implementing them.
  7. Just to make my point clear - i was referring to the implementation from the user experience POV. The added capabilities do not follow the same experience that was one of the main reason most of us were attracted to the X line in the first place. We were spoiled with “Turn On - Start Using” experience. Simple. Direct. We now have: turn on A, switch to B, set menu option 1 to C, revert menu option 2 to D, check the setting of E and start using… So.. i wasn't complaining about the kaizen, i only wished for Fuji to remain... Fuji.
  8. darknj, I made no reference to the 18-135 not being good enough. My point was to get something the 18-135 doesn't provide. I want something faster for the long end (the 18-135 get to f 5.3 at 70mm already) As for the 16 vs.18mm - two step back will not help you with scenic shots. only close objects will benefit from that.
  9. (For the record - i love Fuji and i’m not a troll!) Remember why you bought the X-T1? “Back to Basics” photography Direct Manipulation Nostalgic / Emotional Best in class for what it did. Didn’t pretend to outdo competitors in specialised fields. Now, firmware 4 is an amazing achievement (and i can’t thank Fujifilm enough for investing so much in customers), but take a look at what else it brought: Trying to play in new territories but not being the best. Not basic: New AF efficiency depends on the combination of 3 Tracking modes, 2 focus modes, 3 Drive modes, 2 Face Detection modes and 3 Shutter modes (anyone want to do the math?) Not direct: There are no shortcuts for changing 3 dials and 2 menu options in one click. “Fun Factor” diminished when i need an excel sheet to memorise what works in which combination. To Fujifilm - i love you, and my only request for any future camera or future firmware is that you’ll keep the experience and the original spirit that was the essence of the X line. Your Truly, A very satisfied X user (really). YC
  10. 16-80 f4 http://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/684-anyone-else-is-hoping-for-a-16-80-f4/
  11. Hi All, I just wanted to know if anyone else is missing such a lens? I feel i need a walk-around lens that is: wider than 18, longer then 55, Faster than the 18-135, Not huge and heavy as the 16-55 F2.8 A 16-80 f4 seems to tick most of these points. What do you think? Thanks YC
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