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  1. Fuji should hire staff to specifically cater to your demands? I personally much prefer the location of the Q button on the X100F over that of the Q and AEL/AFL buttons on my X100T. No layoffs required on my behalf though.
  2. What is silly about taking off the lens cap during a firmware upgrade?
  3. c0ldc0ne

    Dog photography

    Beauty all around.
  4. Why do you call it a "len"? I'm asking because you seem to do so consistently in your posts. It's something I've seen in forums off and on over the years and never quite understood.
  5. Oddly though, this does not seem to hinder droves of skilled photographers from cranking out a boat load of stunning images in those very categories using nothing but APS-C cameras.
  6. Ask 10 different people about anything subjective and get 10 different answers. It's not comical, it's why we are here debating these topics in the first place.
  7. Bugger. The forum is unusable. I will leave!
  8. no one HAS to buy view cameras. You like them, great. You don’t like them? Move on to something else.
  9. Unless you're already schlepping one around to charge your other devices, bringing a few spare batteries saves you the extra bulk, recharging time and effort of using a power pack.
  10. It's called product differentiation and some companies are quite adept at it. Like Apple making you feel that you need an iMac, MacBook, iPad AND an iPhone and not at all think that one might be redundant.
  11. Not all companies obviously. I hear that all the time. But having worked with both IBIS and OIS based systems, I never noticed any adverse impact whatsoever. What is the basis for your claim? Another argument in favor of IBIS. Not always an option for a variety of reasons.
  12. Ah, the tried and trusted "we didn't need it 300 years ago, so why would anyone need it now" platitude. I imagine you're that guy who keeps remembering everyone at birthday parties how in the olden days, children used to walk to school in winter, for 50 miles in both directions. Waist deep in snow. Carrying a 20 pound satchel. Barefoot. On glass shards. And I can only assume that you (would) have met the introduction of zoom lenses, autofocus and digital cameras with equal disdain. Humbug! The photography gods of yesteryear created masterpieces without them new-fangled automated contraptions. Hail the pinhole camera! The fact that some of the non-luddites among us embrace and appreciate the advantages that new technology can bring, does not negate the fact that we can still be competent and accomplished craftsmen and/or artists without it. I honestly can't fathom why some people feel compelled to polarize these discussions into oblivion and project their own requirements and those of antiquity onto the entire global photographic community.
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