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    ryan2007 got a reaction from Snzkgb in Complete Overview over the available and upcoming Fuji X-Mount lenses   
    To the OP:
    Your post about all of these lenses seem like you do not have any first hand experience with the Fuji X system. Seems more conjecture and guessing. I own a decent amount of Fuji glass with my XT-1.  Keep in mind what is not a good lens or camera or filter or anything is the perfect item for someone else.
    If you are going to review a lens you either have to be crystal clear that you have the lens, shot the lens, used the lens to make money at photography, made actual prints from said lens.  If not all this means is you can not financially afford said lens and wish your could or it is troll like.
    I guarantee you I do not spend $1,000 on a lens just to spend $1,000. 
    What does Pro-Orientated mean? If you have a p&s camera and someone pays you to take photos, you are a pro. Being recognized for your photography past that it is just a hobby. The 16-55 mm 2.8 is a big lens, but it is not as you say very big heavy and expensive. Use the Fuji large hand grip, learn how to hold a camera and lens, use a mono-pod if you have to. The 16-55 is currently less expensive than the Fuji XT-1 body with the current sale as of today. 
    It is also obvious the 18-55 mm 2.8 to 4.0 is less expensive and that is my point is that, one complains when it comes to cost like this. Then you say the 16-55 is only for studio work? No it is not. I think the Full Frame Nikon and Canon shooters who use their 24-70 mm 2.8 lenses don't stay inside to shoot in a studio.  If the 18-55 mm was a 2.8 lens it would also be big to match the APS-C sensor 
    If you want something small get a micro four third system. I extensively shot the Panasonic system before switching to Fuji X and it has advantages over Fuji X in some areas. 
    I am not touching on everything else since it would be a very long post, but your assessment of Fuji X lenses is not IMO at all well informed.
    I am not using 3 rd party glass so I would not use or test it for myself especially with what I have invested.
    Last, point in how I truly believe you do not own any of the Fuji X lenses that you criticize. No one will every say their camera or lenses suck after spending the money, Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Sony (whatever). However, one would say the lens did not suit or perform to a standard to do XYZ job. You then return or sell the lens.
    I see your detail as invalid and a waste of time to even compile the list. I do not think it fair information for those looking at the Fuji system or thinking of getting XYZ lens.
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